Image by Joe from Pixabay 

The sun, the moon, the flowers, and the thunder
Endless sources of magic and wonder
The golden sun is so warm!
The trees stand so firm!
So cool is the gentle breeze
Puts my mind and soul at ease
Who lights the stars when darkness engulfs them?
"Who is the magician?"
I often ask myself
Just before the rain gloomy darkness spreads across!
The rain I suppose is the sky teardrops
The tiny ants never stop, just move on and It's
Its wonderful to look at the splendors for hours on
The howling wolves, the silent moon
Makes the night's mysterious tune
The playful moon often changes its shape
When the lightning shines the thunder claps!
So colorful is the rainbow
so mirthful are the flowers!
Creating an aura
of serenity for hours!
The moon is my loyal companion
always with me, never leaves me alone
How magical is the spell of nature!
To love, to hold and to muse over
Forgetting all worries
let me embrace her
Let my soul merge with
the wonders of nature

.    .    .