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The White Tiger of Aravind Adiga names three nations which were never ruled by foreign colony i.e. China, Afghanistan and Abyssinia. It is to foresee the future of one of these three countries which is now at a crossroad between past and future.

After the historic day of 9/11, the future of the world history was to be changed. Obviously, that’s what the all nations see today. Communal stereotypes changed, irrational fear established, range of retaliatory disciplines took place, economy shared and spent in abundance and many things happened. Shortly a decade after another decade passed with a mission to wipe out ‘warlordism and anarchy’ and establish a state of ‘safety and stability’ in Afghanistan.

Twenty years back, the future of Afghanistan especially the ‘political’ one was mapped by US think-tanks routing through three main objectives “to isolate and destroy UBL's (Usama bin Laden) al-Qaeda organization and its affiliates, both in Afghanistan and elsewhere; to decapitate the Taliban regime that harbored alQaeda and other terrorist groups; and to assist the people of Afghanistan to restore freedom, prosperity, and good governance to their country.” In August 31, ready-to-combat force of United States returned to their homeland from the America’s longest war of about 20 years in Afghanistan claiming a seminal success. Obviously, time didn’t meet with the expected future perfectly. Seemingly, the future of Afghanistan is unpredictable as it doesn’t go steadily but sway different way.

The Promised Future

Recently, a senior Taliban official was reported rebuking some fighters for unauthorized punishment of Afghans after their rapid victory in the country. In this season, Taliban has been claiming always that they are supportive of development and peace. If the government remains faithful to their promises for prosperity and interests of people, the future Afghanistan will be brightened. Otherwise, contrastingly come-and-collapse process of power will linger forever with the fate of Afghan population. Conflicts and insecurities will compel people to flee the country deprived of intelligence and growth.

Another ‘if’ is required to secure the future of Afghanistan externally. When the Taliban insurgence was slowly taking place, probably all powers remained as silent spectaculars and impractical observers only. Now, it’ll cause further disturbance to cut off all ties with Afghanistan. The country will fall unsound and helpless. So, if the international bodies come forward with resolving measures, the country will itself go stable. That’s what the whole world wants to see as the future of Afghanistan.

Secure the Citizens

With the interest of its people, a country lives. Unfortunately, Afghanistan shortly since last century couldn’t stay on it. Time after time, the country has been prey of peaceful violence, nationalistic disturbance and regulatory colony and so on.

In all these done-for-well programs, only the people of Afghanistan have paid the cost. To state example; the sequencing chapters of the US interference and Taliban takeover is vividly clear. The US troops in Afghanistan for nearly two decades waged the longest war in their American war history. The war started with national building mission but, ended with breaking inhumane record of severe causalities and lasting damages. Thousands of civilians, soldiers, US troops and Afghan military lost their lives; many men, women and children became homeless refugee; a number of people were forced to live in chaos and fear with the smoke of violence.

Similarly, as Taliban continued capturing one by another province with the withdrawal of US troops, a large amount of countrymen and women again underwent tremor of panic. Lots of them fled; flight overloaded, market shut down, economy went spiral down and many lost their lives forever. Even the incumbent government collapsed.

Therefore, the future of Afghanistan depends on the regime which assures stability of this country and security of its people. Otherwise, all spending whether of money or life will go in vain. A shameful slap on silent rights’ groups!

Legitimacy Matters

With the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, the US mission of dollar cost for bringing stability in the country has got a heavy hit. Consequently, Taliban thoroughly dismantled the people’s elected Ashraf Ghani government and established Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan replacing different policies and even the national flag. They faced fierce resistance especially from Northern Alliance spearheaded by Ahmad Masood in Panjshir. Likewise, Taliban will seemingly counter different emerging resistance, as they are not unanimously elected, where the normal citizens of Afghanistan including the government and opposing groups both will suffer it. The instability, which was feared 20 years back, again hammers on the heart of Afghanistan.

Secondly, the political maps of different countries look like merging in and out with the new government of Taliban concerning its legitimacy. This will lead to fraction two contrasting allies with some non-aligning ones. International watchdog bodies ought to come forward soon with appropriate measures to make the future of Afghanistan brighter and more stable.   

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