The names of those religions are 'JAINISM' and 'BUDDHISM'. Bihar word is derived from the ancient word VIHARA meaning MONASTERY. Well, Bihar is indeed a land of the monastery. In Bihar, we can find all kinds of religions like HINDU, BUDDHISM, JAIN, MUSLIM, and SIKH in the ancient land of India. Bodhi Tree is the state emblem. The MUNDESHWARI TEMPLE is known as the oldest Hindu temple in India. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati. Bihar is surrounded by NEPAL, ODISHA, WEST BENGAL, UTTAR PRADESH, MADHYA PRADESH. 

Among all Indian States, Bihar is one of the most intimately linked connections with Buddha's Life and Mahavira's life. Which now resulted in the trail of pilgrimage. The trail of pilgrimage of Buddhism starts from the capital city PATNA. In Patna, we can visit a museum which basically contains the collection of the sculptures and terracotta urn which contains the ashes of Lord Buddha. Lord Buddha spent 5 years at RAJGIR. Bodhgaya is the place where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment with Mahabodhi Temple, a town situated in the district of Gaya in Bihar.

Mahabodhi Temple
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Jainism in Bihar have a long history since the time of 24rth Tirthankara Mahavira who was born in Vaishali. Pawapuri is a holy place for Jainism.  Jains believe that everything has life and the things that consist of life include Stones, Sand, Trees, and many more. Mahavira who used to think that everything has life did not eat anything causing his self-starvation to death. After years of hard work and mediation, Mahavira attained enlightenment and after that, he preached Jainism for 30 years and took his last breath at Pawa.  Jain people are very particular about everything possible. They will refuse to walk on the streets where they will see insects. There are 2 Jain Philosophy

1. DIGAMBER (They don't wear any clothes and it includes only men), 2. SHWETAMBER (They wear only white color clothes and it include women also).

A Jain temple at Pawapuri, Bihar
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Mahavira teaching consists of 5 main principles,


In last, I would conclude that the concept of NON-VIOLENCE was originated from the land of Bihar. It is a center of TRADE and CULTURE. It is the birthplace of the 10th GURU (GURU GOBIND SINGH). Bihar is listed in the MOST FERTILE PLAINS OF THE WORLD.


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