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The most neglected but the issue which is of utmost importance is the mental health, and during the times of such pandemics, mental health gets affected more badly knowingly or unknowingly. Covid brought a good change it made people realise that there is a world outside our screen life, but as said “every coin has two sides”, covid also brought lots of anxiety, stress, frustration, depression, economic problems, and many more. In the initial stages of lockdown, people enjoyed it, but as times passed people started finding it difficult to handle this lockdown. 

Many people went into depression overall to say is people’s attitude of tacking the lockdown changed now the people who were tested positive or were under quarantine found it most difficult to have good mental health. So it becomes even more important to have a good mental health. Let’s discuss about how to deal or rather how to have a good mental health. Firstly, people who were positive, they should make it a point that they are spending more time with the people who are positive about themselves, then they can try to think only positive things, they should spend most of their time talking with their family, they should also avoid seeing or listening any negative thing, I know it’s really difficult to do all these things but giving it a try is not going to harm you in any way, isn’t it? , they can do meditation which will help them to stay positive throughout the tough times. Secondly, if you are staying alone see to it that you are tracking your health daily not only physical but also mental. 

Coping with this covid is really hard but you have to cope and you can do it only if you are mentally and physically strong. We can surely do following things such as: regular exercising, healthy food, try to get connected to your near and dear ones, interact with people socially, express your feelings out, indulge yourself in some interesting activities, explore different things, etc. Listening to some positive podcasts can even help you to be positive because if you are mentally positive and strong the people who will come across you will also feel positive and this chain will go on. We just found it difficult to keep ourselves mentally strong just by sitting in our homes, so just imagine what will be the condition of the frontline warriors who are actually experiencing how worst is the situation. 

Frontline warriors can see to it that they are having a proper diet, if they get the time they should surely do exercise and most important they should also have a positive attitude because if we have a strong army surely the country will never lose a war. Last but not the least, always remember you are not alone facing these issues there is a big line behind you, just you need to speak it out try it, it surely works. Lastly, I would like to conclude by saying that “ The world is round what you do is surely going to return back to you”.we can’t stop the devil “death” to come but we can surely delay it, you never know just by a small conversation with someone, someone can think of living back. Small thing but huge meaning, think about it?

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