On an average, an Indian reads 10 hours a week that is 1.5 a day. Our country has given the world many great writers and novelists. Living in a country where more than 120 languages are spoken, Indian literature is one of the most prized literature in the world. However, this beautiful part of language is on the verge of extinction as the upcoming generation shows no interest in reading or writing. The number of students who read books, from the age group of 8-17, is 2 out of 100. What is the main reason behind this?

From a young age, children in India are made to chase money rather than pursuing their passion. Because of this thought frame, students are forced to mug up their text books instead of understanding what the textbooks mean. Parents want their children to excel at studies, but in the process, they forget to teach them how to study. Instead of focusing on an overall mental development of the child, many parents just focus on the study material provided by the school. Parents themselves fail to understand how the education system works.

What many people fail to see is that reading can help in improving the overall mental wellness of children. It is one of the biggest mistakes parents made while trying to give their children good education. When a child engages in reading, his thoughts get more creative. He is made to think from different point of views which enhances critical thinking. When a child thinks from different perspectives, the activity going on in his mind makes him grow curious. This course of process helps the child to seek to learn about everything he doesn’t know of. This does not only increase one’s knowledge of things but also makes him want to study his textbooks.

Secondly, when children learn to read, they also learn to focus better. If a child learns to focus, he or she can perform every task more accurately. This goes for studying text books as well. The most common problem when it comes to studies is that children are not able to focus. They fail to understand what is being told in the books. Having a better focus improves a child’s memory and the ability to perform tasks better.

Thirdly, reading not only brings as great variety of information to one’s mind but it also enhances the latter’s vocabulary. It also helps in organizing and forming your points better. When children learn to organize their points better, they can enhance their writing skills, whether writing an exam or a story. Studies show that those children who are able to organize their points more profoundly are able to outsmart people even if they lack the knowledge on the subject! This later helps in winning debates and arguments as well as cracking interviews.

Fourthly, reading can help in improving communication and language skills. When a child learns to communicate and form ideas in his head, he gets better at school not just at studies but also at other activities such as debates, dramatics, extempore etc., Having good communication skills is essential for better confidence.

Reading is essential because it teaches children how to study and if a child learns how to study and why to study his subjects, he gets rid of the ideas like school is not important. It helps him create a genuine interest in getting better at things.

Reading also helps to give children a close look into the history of the world. It encourages them to look into new cultures and learn more about the world. It also introduces them to the impeccable works of other literatures and writers.

Reading helps children to explore more careers. With a vast variety of knowledge being given, children who read are tend to explore more careers. They also generate interests for different topics.

Reading also teaches children values and important lessons of life. It also helps in exploring superior topics such as philosophy, theology and many more.

Reading makes children compassionate, kind and understanding as they are looking deep into a character’s life and so eventually, they learn to relate to them.

Lastly, reading should be enhanced as those who are interested in stories are the future of Indian literature. They will become the great artists from tomorrow.

Reading overall is a good hobby for children to get into. It does not only help them to improve mentally but also, what is more important is that, it helps them in wanting to IMPROVE mentally. Reading should be promoted in schools as a mandatory activity. Studies show that the 98% of children who read books are good at studies. They have a greater knowledge than most children of their age group. Helping children to include such a wondrous activity can not only help them get better at school but it is something that stays with them for a lifetime. 


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