Is Covid Coming To An End?

Where it all began?

The first case of Covid-19 emerged in Wuhan, China in December 2019. At the very beginning, people heard about the cases, the symptoms, the consequences and moved on simply because it did not affect them, it was all the way over in China. And because it was something that the world had never experienced before, the scientists were still figuring it out. So, when it did arrive in our countries, we had little to no knowledge. Which then led to fear. Which then led to people panicking and being irrational. Who hasn’t seen people stocking up on everything under the sun without thinking twice about if they really needed it or not. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. So, if we say that Covid took the world that we knew, the life and the routine that we knew and shook it by its shoulder leaving everything upside down, it won’t be an exaggeration.


What did people feel about the situation?

It might have started with two or three cases in your area and by then you might have still been hopeful that it’ll end there. But then, the very next moment you were locked inside your house, 24 hours in front of the computer screen-depressed, anxious, paranoid, and seeing no way out.

Still there was hope, and it came in the form of news of vaccine. A vaccine to finally end all this misery, of people dying, seeing their loved ones die, losing their jobs or losing their minds. But then that news had billions of retellings to the point we didn’t even know what to believe. Which has been a recurring theme with this whole situation, people literally taking a pandemic as an opportunity to spread fake news. What all that led to is a whole other story

And then people started giving up on a solution coming up anytime soon and found out ways to make the best of the situation. They quit their jobs to follow their passions, made their hobbies their careers and found out their hidden talents. But a coin has two sides and for others, the spiral of despair continued its journey downwards. They were in so deep that coming out seemed impossible. The coin will never be one sided and neither will be the consequences to mostly everything in life.

Life had to change completely

Something else that was totally new and different was the precaution and the sanitization. When had we even thought about wearing masks or sanitizing our hands practically every 30 seconds? The world or the air has not been pure for a long while. The masks protected us from many things other than Covid. But I digress. The masks proved to be a huge challenge to people. Where some people had very valid health related issues regarding them not wearing masks, others just outright refused to wear them feeling proud over the fact that they were ruining other people’s chances of living a normal life again. Now if we ask these people if Covid is over, did it even exist for them to begin with?


And when asked, they’d say if it happens it happens, we’re not scared. Why are you scared? Do your masks not work and so on. But that is like saying why don’t you care if I’m drunk driving, doesn’t your car have airbags. The masks are as much there for preventing ‘you’ from transmitting the virus as much as for preventing you from getting the virus.

The vaccine is a whole another story. The amount of bizarre rumors being spread about it were endless like it could turn your magnetic or into a reptile. The government also needs to be held accountable to some extent because considering the amount of power they have; they could have done much better.

Will we ever recover from this?

Is Covid over? I guess the answer depends upon the person being asked. For some people it never existed. Those are either the people who had enough resources to make sure that the virus or anything related to it never even came in close proximity to them; or the people who simply refused to ignore its existence even if it was actively affecting them. For the other people, it might never end in the sense that they might never recover from the damage it did, may it be mental or physical. Their loved one is never coming back, they are not going to get offered that job again, the school or college that they missed, that time is gone forever. So, what we need to ask is something that literally damaged every single aspect of our lives ever be over for us?


Sure, the cases are going down, everything is opening back up; cinemas, offices, schools, colleges, hotels, you name it. But the fact that they had to be shut down in the first place will not be forgotten. Such crises, that are global and attack the majority of the world population in more ways than one cannot really be over. Sure, someday everything will be like it was before, but such large-scale destructions have long-lasting consequences. There will be small changes in our supposedly ‘normal again’ life that may never let us fully get over Covid. So, in my opinion even if Covid completely disappears physically, it’ll go on in an abstract not-so-threatening form still. 

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