Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

"The soldiers of the Earth" - This title sounds more like the title of a comic book or a superhero series. But this title holds a very deep meaning. Here, it isn't referring to those fictional superheroes like your favourite Avengers who are often displayed in fight against villians with superhuman abilities who want to conquer not only earth, but the whole universe. Here, it is referring to the human beings born on this planet who care about their planet. It isn't referring to those who are trying to find a planet to have a new habitat but those who are trying to restore the beauty of the earth. In this essay, I am not going to talk about global warming, e-waste problem or Covid-19. I am writing this to put forward my opinion on  the question 'IS EARTH BECOMING UNINHABITABLE?'. When I came to know that this is now a serious issue, my reaction was a mixture of emotions. I was upset, worried and angry at the same time. Why is this a question? Who let this question become a Question? Who is responsible for this condition of earth? Aren't we humans responsible for this?

We don't know that for how long earth have been in existence, for how many millions or billions of years but did we humans made the most unique planet in the solar system an uninhabitable planet? Why and how? Just In a few decades we exploited the resources of earth so badly that it resulted in making the planet uninhabitable. But who is responsible for this? Of course the smartest living being on earth is responsible for all this. The humans are responsible for global warming, pollution, Covid -19, ozone layer depletion and almost every problem on earth.

Right now climatic change is world's biggest problem and for this too, we are responsible.

Gandhiji has rightly said that "Earth, provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not may every man's greed." Human can be the smartest but he is also the most foolish creature on earth. Only human's greed is the reason for the present condition of our mother Earth. Human's greed is the only reason that today world is facing a natural resources crisis. Earth provided us with beautiful aesthetic but we destroyed it. We played with the nature and now the nature is firing back with unusual climatic changes. 

But currently our priority should be mending our mistakes and trying to restore our planet. Restoring earth is not luxury but a necessity. We all know that this is difficult but not impossible to replenish earth. Before the pandemic, the air was toxic to breathe, fast environmental degradation was happening but after covid-19 lockdown, there have been shocking changes in the environment. We all know the positive effects of covid-19 lockdown. A lockdown of 5-6 weeks improved the air quality, improved river water quality and proved that mother Earth doesn't need anyone to replenish itself and can replenish on its own. All we need to do is stop disturbing the nature. Every creature born on earth is indebted to it every way. It is our duty and responsibility to help our planet in restoring itself. We need to do it for our mother Earth, for our future generations and most importantly for ourselves. All of us should came together and run campaigns and create awareness among people. There are many things that we can do to help save our planet. Even our small initiative can create a huge impact. A few changes that I want you to make in your everyday life are follow 3R's principle -Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, use revisable shopping bags, use paper wisely, plant more trees, use renewable sources of energy, use water resources wisely and run Save Earth' campaigns in your area . These small initiatives are necessary. Nowadays,  the best platform to create awareness on this matter is social media. All of us need to become responsible and attentive to our planet's plight. If a tiny human can reach upto Mars then this tiny human can also do a lot to save his massive planet too. With everyone's contribution, we can reverse the damage to earth to some extent. Let us take the pledge to become a 'soldier of the earth' and to give our best to save our mother earth . Pledge with me that I, THE SOLDIER OF EARTH WON'T LET IT BECOME UNINHABITABLE. 

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