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What would you call a fussy time clock regulated person, applying scientific logics to all simple daily curriculum activities, and taking into consideration all the pros and cons before even making a simple decision? Wouldn’t you call him a weirdo or a reasoning freak! But by any chance, would you call such a person a complete genius or prodigy? No, we won’t. How can a person who hasn’t done anything in his/her life without going through the whole questionnaire of why’s and how’s can be considered to know about the life which is far beyond the scientific logics and relies on the deep understanding through human experience not by scientific experiments?

Depending on a perfect logic or reason to fit into every argument is inappropriate and it relinquishes all the actions, behaviours or emotions carried out intently by human nature unbiased by a logical weightage to some prejudiced argument. How are we supposed to take the challenges in the life or just grab on to some random chances provided than evaluating it before it slips out of our hands. Just imagine a person lost in the blues of his own mind world where he is struggling to get all the decisions perfect, abiding by all the existing rules and predicting a result. What is the meaning of living a predictable life where you know the results right after the planning on basis of logically deduced theoretical debris.

Personal or social reasons to be kept aside, do you think you can find an answer to all the questions by rational reasoning! Like we live in a society where women are dominated by the males from time immemorial. And you people are not unaware of all the physical pains we got to bear be it labor pain, menstrual cramps or any sexual or physical abuse. Now can you please logically deduce a reason for this impartiality. May be religious literature or some mythology can give us some crap answers and in society as well, womanhood is related to the delicate structural organisation of our bodies. But in which logical sense it is appropriate to make a organism weak and vulnerable to be tortured by their fellow organisms. Shouldn’t the women be stronger enough at least to protect themselves and isn’t the proportionality of social and other responsibilities heavily biased towards men, which is logically irrelevant to me.

Now an logical person denies his sister or wife or daughter to go out of their homes after a certain time as it is unsafe to walk alone on the streets. I do consider the suggestion as necessary safety manual for women which allows him to be out on the roads tormenting women anytime of the day but grants women only some specific timings to go out. Is that logical person unaware of the fundamental constitutional rights of the women which he along with the society are abolishing? Did they forget to consider women as citizens of the country or did they weigh out the implications of our rights? Now obviously our constituent grants us the right to freedom which any safety manual can’t dare to challenge, shouldn’t we assume that the decision was already prejudiced and the actual logical argumentation was never ever done in this case!

Besides the irrationality, these over logical minded people cause to our society, wasn’t our one and only life meant to be audacious? If you ever meet an totally scientific gross person, he/she will try to be the smartest and the boldest person you would have seen. But in the actual scenario, they have never experienced what a life is. They have their self made barricades of theories and logics wrapped around them not letting them to free themselves in the hands of nature and sync into the magnificent aura of the invisible challenges and the gifts the life possesses. Why not to take some bold steps and just do what the heart says rather than relying on the minds for the whole lives. And who hasn’t heard the famous quote that ,”YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.” So let the brain relieve of the massive duty of messing up with the minute details of the each possible enjoyment of your life and let your mind be open to all the incoming obstacles to be taken care of.

One can’t live in the shell of logics and argumentation for their whole lives. Such people are spending their time not living the precious life.

Thus, the quote means that a person with a “rational mind” or anyone using someone else’s “only logical” mind to make his/her decisions will end up in pain (bleed).

This famous quote written by the recipient of the Nobel Prize is prevalent in the contemporary society we live in, where people are turning their emotional switch off to live a life of practicality. In fact, from the time of Plato to Aristotle to current date studies by psychologists, there has been a recurring debate on the importance of emotions in improving the quality of human life. Even according to the occidental rationalist traditions, feeling and imaginations are an indispensable part of human life because they not only help us survive but also escape reality. Poets and writers live in the realm of fantasy and often take us into their dreamland/ POETIC IMAGINATION that might be far away from the objective truth but still holds the power to teach us about the truths/lessons of life. Hence, it is not surprising that a quote discouraging a mind governed only by logic is coming from a famous poet from the East. “Damasio showed that an individual injured in the prefrontal cortices of the brain lost the ability to experience certain emotions, and consequently had his ability to perform various actions severely impaired, affecting his social interactions.” A mind all “reason” can be compared to the sting of a worker honeybee which is self-destructive in nature.

Logic and reason can purge all superstitions and prejudices that exist in our society, but only an empathetic and sensible mind will be able to pull a trigger of wisdom through the heart of an orthodox. This can be best illustrated with a real-life situation. Consider a primitive village where cows (and only cows!) are worshipped and any opposing view on this subject is considered strictly punishable. Hypothetically, Dr. DN Jha (writer of the book ‘The myth of the holy cow’) walks in this village (say his car broke down) and sights a woman worshipping the cow and a man drinking cow urine (totally extreme situations). If Jha were a totally logical and a lionhearted man, he would go and lecture the villagers based on the findings of his research and state that their ancestors were fond of the meat of the sacrificed cattle. In this case, he has dropped the handle or grip of the knife and is playing with its cutting edge (blade). Thus, as a blade is useless without the grip similarly logic is purposeless without rational control.  

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