"Life Presents Many Choices" 

 The ex-prisoner who served behind the bars came to be a new path of hope for roughly 750 strangers by the aspect, who were united by humanity by a solitary man called Thomas Raja. The term human generously specifies him. With love and compassion, he's called Auto Raja who is the founder of the New Ark Mission of India, a humanitarian, and a social worker from Vaniyambadi, Tamilnadu. Presently we battle rigorously to satisfy our existence, but this individual man battles for about 750 family members every day with affection and attention to accomplish their essential wants. His home of hope is located in Bangalore, Karnataka. Once upon a time he carried no formal education and tended to be a disorderly person who disrespected everyone. He was abandoned by his family and served as a criminal. He was humiliated, ill-treated, and cursed by his own family who wished for his demise. After all, he went through, he realized the worthiness of existence and agreed to select the right direction. He had no idea who? How? Or what? Mother Teresa does but took an oath to be her. To be blessed by everyone not to be cursed again.

"Difficult Road always Leads to a Beautiful Destination"

Every period is a new opening, he started where he was, used what he had, and did what he could. Attained genuine improvement by being optimistic. He is sure of faith in God and a few helpful humans, the organization obtains a donation of about 1000-2000 kgs of rice per month and a few lakhs of monetary support from society. At the start, everyone made fun of his notion like every successful person experiences. As you know real things take time, his notion is successful now. But now he came to be a man who's worshipped by numerous deserted souls. He begs for his people. There is life together, He asks every citizen to donate one rupee a day which makes a living for several people. One rupee is not an enormous number among us. Monetary support takes a crucial role in NGOs, there is a category of folk who has wealth but doesn't willingly help on the other hand the people who have no wealth tend to help. When you lose something, in consequence, you gain something, he was abandoned by his parents but now he is commemorated by every citizen of India.

"Lives a Life Worth Living"

Why do we live? That's a question with a different justification for numerous people. Everyone has different norms to live his/her existence. I have no idea about my presence but I do recognize his existence, he dedicated his whole life to isolated people, he is a home for the homeless. He's precisely living his life. A ray of hope for miserable ones. Why he performs all this? This isn't for fame, his intentions are moral. He lives a life that is worth residing in.

"Unheard Story"

Thomas Raja was born in 1967 in Vaniyambadi, a village in Tirupattur district in Tamil Nadu, who resides in Bengaluru. He backed out of school at third standard and was thrown out from home. He moved to Chennai with the money attained by thievery. He began to drink and gamble. Served in Chennai Central Prison for his criminal actions. There, he got sick and after getting into a better condition, he was acquitted from prison and was taken back to Bengaluru by his family.

Being in the prison changed Raja's life who commenced to drive an auto-rickshaw for a living. However, he proceeded with his ruffian manners then became a member of the auto-rickshaw drivers' union. Once, he brought a destitute woman and provided home and shelter in the parking space of his auto-rickshaw. Later on, he leased a tiny home and began to look after destitute people, originally with 13 inhabitants. Thereafter, with funds received from the public, he purchased a half-acre plot of the area in Doddagubbi Village near Bengaluru, where he constructed a 2000 sq. ft building which fulfilled as the basis for New Ark Mission of India, a non-governmental organization started in 1997. The home is called 'Home of Hope' has thrived to govern one center in Chikkagubbi village for men and two centers for women in Doddagubbi and runs a 24*7 ambulance service. He accomplishes the last wishes of the residents.

"Human Bestows us the Award but God Grants us the Authentic Reward"

He has bestowed a recipient of the Individual Honnaiah Samaja Seva Prashasti Award in 2001. Auto Raja was bestowed the Real Heroes award by CNN-IBN in 2010. In 2011 he received the NDTV 'Man of the Year'. He has also been bestowed the 'Namma Bengaluru Award'. He also provided an oration at TEDx Talks in 2012. He has been endorsed by prominent individuals like Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan, and numerous Bollywood Baadshahs who applauded him.

New Ark Mission of India 

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"Helping hands are better than praying lips"
                                                            -Mother Teresa

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