Image by stokpic from Pixabay

So many smiling faces from that garden of friendship,
very tough to find the best flower,
days we searched for stories
wished to fly with angels,
thrilled with friends in playground

Still remember that day,
our first day at school,
crying children in classroom for mother's
but cute teachers collected our feelings
it was an usual scene for them,
gradually we got the feeling of ‘this is our school’

When childhood turned the way to teenage,
we found the rhythm of friendship,
heartbeats of love,
and the freedom of expressions.

Yes now we lost an amazing period
of our lifetime,
stars, flowers, angels, ponds, birds
all lost at the end of an innocent season

yes, we grew far away...

sometimes ‘book of faces’ can motivate us
with many faces of old friends,
as like a sunshine through a window,
it will encourage and lighten up our full day.

.   .    .