Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

Jill was a rich fellow who lived alone and a bit far from his family in the town. He was found missing for a week. His neighbors complained to the police about the matter. His house, neighborhood, and even his office were investigated. People who were frequently in contact with him were questioned and nothing was found suspicious until one of his colleagues told that he saw him last driving to his beach house exactly a week back. After much investigation when the police gave up, his family hired one of the best detectives in the country.

Again his house was investigated but this time the investigator was one of the sharpest minds in the country. Shockingly this time a bunker was found under his refrigerator. When the detective entered the bunker he found Jill lying unconscious there on the floor. He was taken to the hospital. He was in a coma and after an unexpected recovery, he revealed what actually happened to him. There was a mysterious sign on his forehead. In his consciousness, he said that as far as he could remember he was driving to his beach house and suddenly on the road appeared a huge U.F.O.-like structure with an excellent set of lights on it which was so powerful that he felt blindness for almost a minute. And just then his car crashed with the structure.

Image by d0ran from Pixabay 

This statement surprised everyone completely as when his house was getting investigated the car was seen in a very good condition. He continued that, next when he opened his eyes he found himself lying on a very comfortable bed. He was tied with strong ropes and surrounding him were a few strange alien-like creatures! He was very scared then and felt them cutting his forehead and suffering through much pain he became unconscious again. But when he was asked if he could remember how he came to the bunker, he was shocked on hearing about a bunker in his house. It was investigated a lot but no proof was found.

People thought it was a clear lie by Jill but the sign on his forehead proved that he was at least a bit true but the story of the alien-like creatures was really unbelievable. Within the next week, his family shifted to his house and from then he lived with his family.

The bunker was used as a storeroom. Jill was back to his normal life within a month. The variations in thoughts about the topic gave birth to different theories. According to some, he was a liar while some proved his statements true. But still, Jill in his car being crashed with a U.F.O. and his forehead being cut by aliens is a big mystery.

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