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My name is Priya, this incident happened when I was just 11 years old and I will never ever forget this memory. One day I was at home alone at my house my mom was still at the office late at night and my two siblings were at my grandparents' house which was kind of far away from my home. At first, I was just enjoying my time alone watching cartoons and doing some stuff, however after a while, I got pretty bored so I decided to invite some of my friends over, I asked my mom for permission and then called my friends to invite them over. 

A few moments later while I was waiting for them, I heard a loud bang upstairs 'Tuk-Tuk', I was sure that there was no one else upstairs so I stood up and looked up the stairs with an anxious look on my face when I was near the stairs I could see that one of my dolls had fallen I picked it up and when I straightened my back something caught my attention, a little girl was standing upstairs. Well, I feel that she was staring at me, Although I couldn't see her face clearly due to the darkness. I was terrified and suddenly someone Rang the doorbell I ran to see who it was, Luckily my friends had arrived- 'thank God', It was a moment of relief that my friends came over at the right time.

 Soon I got my mind off the girl. We sat down in the living room and had fun talking with each other an hour later one of my friends suggested that we should take some pictures together, so we gathered around one another and clicked several selfies while laughing and chatting. Later as we scrolled through the pictures we found something strange, there was a little girl standing behind our couch. What made us more petrified was the fact that she had no face. I mean her face was just an Empty darkness - no eyes, no nose, and no mouth. Being terrified I told Cassie one of my friends, to delete that picture right away however she said that something was wrong with her cell phone. 

I snatched the phone out of her hands and tried to delete it but no matter what we tried, we couldn't delete the picture. Then we heard a loud thump, it sounded like someone's footsteps were coming from upstairs and our light was flickering on and off at the same time we thought that we couldn't stay inside anymore so we just rushed outside in hurry. One of my friends Christina suddenly pointed at my bedroom window and said that there was someone in there, I raised my eyes and followed her fingers and there she was it was the same faceless girl we had observed in the picture, my friends and I screamed- 'please help us, we are in danger'. 

I called my mom and explained everything my mom couldn't believe what I told her, so she made me calm down and said that she would be home in 5 minutes. After she arrived home she searched the entire house, but she couldn't find any trace of the girl. I hope that it was just our imagination however we soon decided to move out of the house because I kept observing the girl after that incident. We finally moved and from then on, my mom never wanted me to be home alone so I always stayed with my siblings I still have no clue why the girl haunted us but I think it was because she wanted us to get out of the house. Well, I am delighted that I don't see that girl in my new house.

Caution: Do not Stay alone !!

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