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He dreams in the room...

"Hello! Miss, may I kindly know your lovely name?, "Dezlin it is and Hello." Dezlin with a very polite voice and a smile. "My self Dickens, owner of this Restaurant. Ma'am, just a polite question, are you waiting here for somebody? I noticed you ordered plenty and the dining is still as it was served and it went 3 complete hours you sitting quietly." Dicken questioned her in a mannerly tempo. Dezlin got numb and showered her tears. "Yes Sir. Today is my... I mean our 3rd Wedding Anniversary and my husband is supposed to be here with me, having this wonderful dining, but I wonder if he would be busy visiting the graveyard. "Dezlin in wailing but in a strange cry. Dicken having the least interest in their customer’s story. "Ma'am I see it is 25 minutes to 10 and I expect my Restaurant to have closed by this time. Listening to this, Dezlin uttered none and mourned for a while, crying was heard loud enough to be noticed by 2 leftover customers and all the waiters. 

Dickens tried holding her and explaining not to cry here and to be at her home this time. "Ma'am please, you do not cry, I am pretty sure he must be having some important work. Do you mind calling him once again because I am sure you must have done it a ton of times? Please have a phone call for once more." The 2 other customers finally left after finishing their dinner. Now it was only the lady and the owner and a few waiters and chefs. None had even the least interest in the lady's crying. "We do not have any phone yet" the lady answered. It was an initial time for having such luxury items and mobile phones were recently launched after the long wired telephones. The owner was surprised and worried that the time was exceeding to close his restaurant. "Ma'am, do give a check at your home for once, might your husband would have gone straight there. "I told you, he must have visited the graveyard this time. Don't you understand?" She replies in anger. 

The shock was expected by the owner, even the waiters in the hall were gazing at the spot. Dickens now was a bit curious and angry, yet he didn't leave the politeness. He further says, "May I know Ma'am what the situation takes a man at a graveyard and that too at this time? Oh! Now it is another 10 minutes passed." In a strange manner, the Lady smirks her mouth and surprisingly all her tears just wear off, as if a tide visited the shore. "Now I shall leave from here but do expect my husband tomorrow visiting the lovely place at the same time and even leaving this place at the same time. "Dickens now remembers the same wordings from his wife 3 years ago, When he last visited her graveyard. The exact wordings were "NOW I SHALL LEAVE FOR HERE BUT DO EXPECT YOURSELF TOMORROW THE SOONEST VISITING THE PLACE WHERE I MUST BE GOING". The lady vanished as Dicken was busy wondering about the moment. "The Lady went?" he asks one of the waiters, cleaning the area. "Yes Sir." the Waiter answered. Further added, "wasn't she strange? She didn't utter a word at your last asked question and just went out of here." Owner in a deep wonder says, "Yes!." Suddenly wide opens his eyes with a jerk and says, "wait! She just said his husband would be visiting here tomorrow, didn't she?" "No, Sir. 

I am afraid that there was no such answer by the Lady after your last question. She just jumped crying and walked herself off." Dicken checks again on him "are you sure Ben, the Lady didn't tell about her husband visiting tomorrow at the same time and leaving at the same time, the time she left today?" "Sir, no Sir." The waiter went inside the kitchen for the final cleaning. Now Dickens was sure that the thing was bad, the night was dark as that day itself was 10th of March and soon was going to be the 11th in a few minutes. The day when the dark moon appeared in his life. The night now scares him out of his soul. Roger Dickens reaches his and finds his wife sitting on the couch. “Welcome honey, Why so late today?” “Don’t ask dear, A lady kept sitting in the restaurant waiting for her husband.”

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Inside The Private Room...

Rosemary Christensen in her early 20's got married to Roger Dickens. After the marriage, Roger opened a small cafe named ‘Dickens’ place’. The wife was happy for the cafe and Roger went busy making the cafe stand in the best cafes in the state. They loved each other, together cooked the best food and different cuisines every day. With time, the cafe grew and Dickens opened their Restaurant. The Restaurant was named ‘GINGER AND MINT’. The night the restaurant was owned, a warm function was thrown by the Dickens to celebrate the opening of the restaurant. "Hello, Roger, pleased to meet you here for the success of your cafe and the opening of your new restaurant," Mustafa said. Rafik Mustafa Bakir, THE PRIVATE ROOM Casino's owner was the rich young Arab in the state. 

The Private Room was known for the biggest gambling and magic shows in one of the huge dark rooms called ‘The Private Room’. Till that time of Black and White Televisions in 90(s), Dickens Family got newly rich and became the prestigious family of that time. "Welcome, I did not accept you so early, as you always arrive late for such parties" replied Roger. "The time is 11, my friend, I am late" both chuckle. Rogers with his wife went on the stage for the announcement of their new restaurant. Soon, the magic show from the people of The Private Room was about to happen. The clock hit 12:00 and the magic show began. The next day when Roger woke up at his home, he found his wife dressed like a clown and her face all messy. 

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He bounced and woke her up, "Rosy, what the mess you have been in? What’s wrong with your lovely face, my dear?" Rosemary gets up in bewilderment and replies, "what are you saying, Roger. What's wrong with me? The silence grew in the room. Rosy couldn't remember what happened last night and Roger was confused about how did they end up in their home, sleeping. 

Some hours later, Roger reads the news article that said. 'The casino owner of The Private Room kills Robin Arthur, husband of well-known casino owner Dezlin Arthur on the night of 11th March at a party thrown by Dickens, owner of the known cafe ‘Dickens’ place'. Reading the article, Roger cried in a scream and looked for her wife. As soon as went into the room, he saw Rosy with her upper lips cut from the face and her nose went missing. Instead, blood was running and the clown-like face was all scary and messed with blood. She was standing with a sharp knife, with blood on it. Seeing this, Roger screamed like hell and bounced outside the room. Rosy flew in the air and chased Roger. Roger screamed, he opened the door of his house and saw the dark black void space as if entered a dark room, in front of his eyes. He saw nothing other than the black space outside the door. It looked as if the world other than his home does not exist. He stopped there looking at the strange scenario. The moment he turned around and saw her wife upside down hanging in the middle of the room. He screamed and fainted. 

The Magic Trick...

Days back when Roger wasn't married back in the early 80(s), he was a handsome and charming man of 20. He went with his girlfriend Rosemary Christensen to see a magic show. The show was led by the magician Rafik Mustafa Bakir. Roger saw a magic show for the first time in his life. He got fascinated by the performance and decided to do magic tricks. He convinced Mustafa in a few days to teach him magic. As Mustafa was also at his young age, they both became friends and started showing magic together. Slowly Mustafa and Roger became the popular youth among the state and the duet were known as ‘Till Dawn Magicians’. After their success, Mustafa alone started a show called The Private Room where he used to hypnotize people and ask them for their bank accounts and personal issues. Knowing this, Rogers denied this magic trick and decided to leave the group and he, with Rosy, ran away taking all the money Roger and Mustafa earned showing magic for years on the night of March 11th, 1985. But they didn’t know Mustafa was the devil who knew all the tricks and makes people disappear into the world where no realism exists.

The Private Room he created was the room where no real person exists. The People who get inside the room by magic disappear from the real world and live their entire life in the closed room where the person lives and dreams his life but the way Mustafa wants. They even feel sorrow, happiness, magic, witches, ghosts and a similar world but all in their dream, all the things that Mustafa wants them to think. This Magic was not only the trick but the gift from hell, he was born with. The people who did bad with him, he made them enter his room - The Private Room.

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Roger’s birth and the Final Show...

Years passed Mustafa grew old and in his 80(s) and till then he had left doing magic. The time of 1940(s) when the World War had begun. There was a community ‘Charity of the Happiness’ that requested Mustafa for a final showdown in his old age. Mustafa, for people, agreed to do the Magic for the last time in his life. His Private room was shut for years and all the people who were made to go in it were dead till now. However, the casino he owned was now converted into a museum of great people who did magic. He requested the charity to organize the show at his place where he used to do magic. Roger Dickens happened to visit the show. Roger was in his 70(s). As the show began, Mustafa noticed Rogers sitting there alone. Mustafa had recently read a newspaper cutting where he read about a psychic man that was Rogers due to his terrible mind conditions, murdered his own wife while in her sleep. Mustafa knew about his mental condition and still remembered the loss Roger gave him years ago. Mustafa still was the devil man in his 80(s). He thought of opening his Private Room again for the last time. Soon the show ended and he met Rogers in the washroom where he hypnotized him and made him walk towards the hell - The Private Room. 

People now wouldn’t care about the man of some mental condition. Mustafa made him suffer for the rest of his life living what Mustafa wants. He made him live back in his early 30(s) where he owned his own restaurant and where he gave a party to the people. The difference was Mustafa himself made an entry showing magic tricks. He made his own characters and placed them in front of Roger. He made Roger know that person whether he has even met them or not. The next, he made him see his wife all messy and scary and made her hang upside down. All this made him scared in his dream as well as in reality where the old man was locked inside the room. 

Then Mustafa made him own the restaurant and placed the character Dezlin Arthur come into the restaurant and tell him that his husband has visited the graveyard that night of their anniversary. He served him with the fact that his wife said the same words that Dezlin told before his wife died just to make him think what the hell is happening, despite knowing that his wife was waiting for him at home. He played with his mind every day and made him think that he has gone mad. The morning when Roger read the newspapers about Robin killing Dezlin, it was to make him realize that he had killed his wife in the real world. Day by day, Mustafa made him scared, mad, and suffering. Mustafa made him see people fly, cut their own throats, vomit of blood, and even dead people coming into his life again.

One day morning Mustafa was not found at his place. Sources say he wanted to die where no one from this world could reach out. The museum and the room inside were now given to the Government for building a Cinema Theatre. When the room was opened it was empty with no people. No one knew there was an opening going deep down the room where the world of dead peoples who dreamt their entire life, resides. Now, the two people lived down there.

“Hello Roger, welcome to the catacombs.”