Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay 

All of us tend to keep things from the people who think they know us all too well. Things that don't make sense, things that might ruin it all at once, things that were never meant to be, things we should have let go. These trap our minds, hold us in a space and time, that's long gone and will never return. Yet we spend our nights speculating possibilities that could result in a varied outcome. We blame ourselves for it ending, even after being so dear to us. All of this, we do for what? For pretentious happiness? Or for the fear of not facing the truth? Rather, We do it because it's impossible for us to confront in fact that we'll never be a part of it again. We do it as clinging onto the hope of it coming through at some point seems easier. Easier than to cut in between the strings we've preserved for so long. While suffering in silence, we don't let it show, because bleeding on people who've not laid the cuts seems unfair. In return, we become obligated to the irrelevant trip down the lane of people's indifference. 

They say "life goes on whether you like it or not", but what if "moving on" isn't just a trick easily done for some? 

Honestly, the one and only true way of actually making it happen is to feel free from within. Finding happiness is one step towards it, which comes by doing things that makes all the sense in life. However completely giving up the memories isn't what's required, rather changing perspective is the key. Changing perspective as in thinking about it in a way which lets you treat the past as an ended chapter in life and not like the whole narrative. Rushing the process has implications far more dangerous than struggling alone, so it's better to take the time required. Nothing less and nothing more.

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