Kartikey being the eldest son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, had many expectations attached to him even before his birth. He was birthed to kill the fierce evil, Tarkasur, and so the preparations to make him a warrior began right from his childhood. The childhood which was meant to be spent in parents' love and affection and care was spent in learning the battlefield tactics along with his father, the ultimate teacher, and with his followers, including Nandi. He was made to be a glorious warrior from whom defeat wasn't ever expected.

We all know, when someone's put up to so much harsh behaviour from their tender age and was sent far away from family to fight demons and protect the land, the natural love and sympathy dry up.

When after completion of his destined work of conquering demons he returns to his home, Kailash, he finds his younger brother Ganesha, he becomes upset that despite having him as a son, his mother gave birth to another son. Seeing his parents love his younger brother more than him, made him jealous. He was sent away from them and was kept devoid of their love, while Ganesha is receiving all the love from them and still was the most loved and praised child of all.

He instilled a feeling in him, that after all those sacrifices he wasn't still the most loved, he felt abandoned and lost.

When the sages decided to make Ganesha the first god to be worshiped while performing any ritual or puja, Kartikey showed his disagreement with this proposal as to how can he be chosen without any particular achievements. Everyone was astounded to see how a brother can be insecure of his own younger brother. Gods decided to keep a competition of taking 3 rounds of the world, who so ever does so first, would be made the supreme god.

The next day, everyone was ready for the race, Ganesha, Kartikey, Indra dev, Surya dev, Agni dev, and all those who wanted to prove themselves better of lord Ganesha. They all left their destined work of serving the people and went on in a race to become better than others.

Ganesha didn't go for the race, instead, he performed the functions of other gods, staying on earth and taking 3 rounds of his parents, saying that for a child his parents are the world. It impressed all the gods and sages and he was chosen as the first and foremost worshiped the god. When Kartikey returned back he was again sorrowful to see this injustice happening to him.

He went from there silently, leaving everyone in the celebration ceremony of Ganesha being chosen the supreme god.

When Goddess Parvati noticed that Kartikey was missing from the ceremony, she inquired it from everyone but no one saw him leaving except Lord Shiva. Parvati became angry that why didn't he stop him to which Lord Shiva replied that Kartikey needs to find himself for his betterment and to overcome his ego. Ganesha promised his mother that he won't return back to Kailash without Kartikey and that he would bring him back.

Ganesha found Kartikey and asked him to return back with him. Seeing Ganesha's love for him, he felt guilty and asked him why was he so concerned about him. Ganesha replied that how can he be happy if his elder brother won't give him blessings and he leaves home. Kartikey was feeling more and more guilty for having ego against this loving brother. He asked Ganesha to go back because now Kartikey's guilt won't let him come back to Kailash, but Ganesha wouldn't go back without him. He went to Lord Vishnu to ask for help for his brother. Lord Vishnu agreed to help him and came with him to Kartikey and explained to him the major reason for his this behavior and enlightened him to undergo remorse and be freed from this guilt.

Kartikey began as he was told by Lord Vishnu, he began his worship to impress Shiva and find himself through his devotion. During the course, Kartikey was tested by Lord Shiva, at every step. Kartikey succeeded in every test, as now he had a change of heart by the love his younger brother gave him and by the devotion to Lord Shiva.

shiva tested him by being disguised as an old man and asking for the shivling which Kartikey made for himself. Kartikey gave away his shivling made by such hard work, the old man. He again made another shivling for him but the old man came again to ask for it as the previous one was broken by him by mistake. Kartikey again gave him another shivling, showing how generous he is, and went on to make another one. In this way, Shiva tested him in many ways before granting him forgiveness and the fruit of his devotion.

This is how Kartikey got his mental peace and was freed away from his ego and guilt and became a great warrior who was also good and had a heart of gold who understood people's emotions and was humble and powerful at once.

They then happily returned back to Kailash to their mother who was waiting eagerly for her sons.

This is how even God's aren't left aloof from things like ego, rivalry among brothers, and many other things which all of us face in our lives. The only difference is humans prioritize their ego rather than relationships which is the major cause of loneliness and separation. The only thing we need is compassion and humility. Sometimes, we should give up our ego and proceed to persuade our loved ones and make things right, for there is nothing bigger and nothing is more important than family.

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