This is the story of another incarnation of Durga Mata, that is, Chamundeswari, who slays the demon Mahishasura. This is the story which is narrated on the 8th day of Navarathri, that is, Durgashtami. The story goes like this.

This incarnation is also called Maha Gowri. The loving and doting mother, Durga Parameshwari will also don the role of destructor if the need arises. If evil tries to take over the world and if Dharma is in danger of extinction, it is the duty of the Gods to protect the innocents in general and Dharma in particular. It is in this context, Durga dons the role of the destructor/

Mahishasura, the king of asuras, was granted a boon by the Lord himself that no one can destroy him. Drunk with this power he goes on a rampage, killing thousands of innocents. People and even Gods were terrified of him and his powers. He wanted to capture the abodes of the Lords themselves. Seeing all this, the motherly Goddess Durga dons the role of Chamundeswari or Maha Gowri, just to slay him. So she blows her conch to invite him for war. Hearing the loud sound of the conch, Mahishasura gets perturbed and wonders who this could be. Suddenly he remembers that the boon he has received from the Gods does not mention that he would be protected by women also.

But his ego doesn’t ebb. He thinks "I am all-powerful. What can a woman do to me?” So riding on his ego, he sends his army to capture the woman. But she ties them all with her “Pasha”. So, he himself goes to war with her. A fierce battle ensues and finally, she makes him powerless and he falls to the ground. She takes out her trident and pierces his heart with it. Thus he gets killed. Finally good prevails over evil.

This is the story of the 8th incarnation of Durga.

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