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Newspapers and magazines have been an integral part of the human being for a very long time. But as the technology is progressing, they are becoming less important. The new generation prefer the digital media more. This is also the reason that various publishing houses are now available online over the internet. Social media is also playing an important role in spreading any news in a very quick manner. Social media platforms like Twitter are making it impossible for digital media to lose to traditional publications and news platforms or other physical media platforms. For this very reason, newspapers and magazines are finding it more difficult to survive day by day. But we should never forget that the newspaper and the magazines can solve a lot of problems. For example, the tendency to post a particular news in a very quick manner is very high. So, in some cases there are several grammatical mistakes and even errors in the post which are available online as compared to a particular news or any event or fact. But in case of publications in physical format like newspapers and magazines, the various facts, events or news are published after through check-up and verification. So, it is basically very rare to find errors in the print media. But there are chances that there are some errors in the print media also. So if you are able to find any error in the print media and you report that to the concerned publication. Then the publication will definitely reward you for your sincere approach, in some way.

But the problems related to the environment like the cutting down of trees, are increasing day by day. It is becoming very difficult for the paper-based media to survive. So, in the coming days it will become difficult for paper industry to survive on traditional methods of manufacturing papers only. But there are solutions for that problem also. Now paper can be recycled in a very easy way and there are many companies which are involved in this field for supporting the physical media platform. The tendency to keep on reading newspapers and magazines on a daily or weekly basis is becoming more important day by day.

After the pandemic as people have become more engaged with their electronic devices it is becoming a reality that people are facing more mental issues while interacting and consuming more on the digital media platforms. But we should never forget the advantages of the physical media platforms. The newspapers and magazines help us in improving our English. Also, they help us in providing vital information related to various events, job post and even some great editorial columns, which are written by some well-known personalities, who are well versed with the information they are sharing and are thus considered more trusted than the social media platform or any other internet related platform. In case of the physical media platforms, the various factors like the lesser interest of the new generations to read and write is becoming ma problem. We need to increase our new generation’s interest to take a writing and reading profession as a career so that the physical media platform stays relevant in the real world. So currently if they are more involved in the physical world then it will be more possible for the various publication houses to stay relevant on a daily basis.

Another big advantage of having physical media platform in your house on a daily basis or weekly basis is that they do help us in various ways like they are first of all very cheap and at the end of the month they can also search some incomes on a monthly basis if they are given to the concerned authority for recycling. Now they are also various methods which are used by the companies to recycle paper which helps in reducing waste and also pollute environment less. Many companies are also working on new technology to create paper which can pollute less and can help in making the same amount or quantity of paper on daily basis which is being generated currently by the big paper mills.

The print media is also helpful in various ways in terms of the marketing and advertising industry. It is because various companies also take up newspapers and magazines for their advertisement or marketing purposes. It is because newspapers are distributed in every corner of the world. And it is impossible for every person to afford devices like a smartphone or a computer for the digital media consumption.

In the interiors of the country like India many people who do not have enough money to afford the digital media platform also use newspapers and magazines on a daily basis to keep themselves up to date in terms of the various news and facts from all around the world. It helps them in preparing for various competitive exams like UPSC. Many people also become successful by following these routines. On a daily basis if someone goes through a newspaper to gain general knowledge which can be helpful in terms of making their lives better. Newspaper and magazines are not only source of knowledge for the exam purposes but they can also help us in understanding various facts and figures which are present around us that we rarely observe them.

There are some very big advantages of having the physical media platform around us. One of the biggest reasons is that they do not require any internet connection or any external factors for their consumption. So basically, they are independent of requirements of any electricity or any other external electronic source. They also do not affect our mental health and are also not harmful to our eyes. one of the biggest advantages of having the print media is that the facts on the news which are printed in summer the most popular newspapers and magazines are from trusted sources and they can be relied upon.

Another advantage of the physical print media is that the news information or the facts or the reviews of the critics which are being written are also in a formal manner but in case of the digital media such information are not very trusted as they can be paid reviews and also sometimes written in very harsh language which can be very disadvantageous and can have a negative impact on many sections of the society.

These are some of the biggest advantages of having the support of the print publication media in our real world. We should try to promote them as much as possible. We should never let them fade away when compared to the social media platform or digital media platforms.

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