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In today’s era, technology is taking over our world. It is happening slowly, but the effects are visible to all. The changes are in terms of the number of machines that are replacing human factors in various industries. But these changes do not depict that machines will eat up the jobs. If there is a lack of jobs in one field, then there will be job requirements in other fields. It is because there are still various fields in which human involvement is still necessary. The mechanical involvement in the various sectors can be explained to some extent in some ways.

Plus- points related to the absence of automation in various sectors 

Big Industries

All of these changes are being looked at in positive as well as negative ways. If we consider it from a positive point of view, then there are chances that more involvement of technology will ask for more human involvement in terms of maintenance. The next thing is the fact that automation will require more devices as well as electronic equipment. This will ensure that the manufacturing sector will always need humans for manufacturing purposes. Human involvement in manufacturing ensures the quality of the products. It also ensures the durability of work and the product. The biggest example of such a sector is the watch-making industry. In this industry, some luxury companies still rely on the human factor for manufacturing their products. This gives their products a natural touch and makes sure that the existing customers are loyal to them. Loyalty also makes sure that the existing customers can also act as a good source of information for those who are interested in buying such products. The same is also the case with some other luxury product manufacturers. An example can be the company Rolls-Royce, they produce some of the finest products when it comes to automobiles. They produce the best and their craftsmanship is also world-famous.

Hospitality Sector

Now, if we talk about the hospitality sector. Then it is the one, which will always have the human factor involved. The first and foremost example can be the executive chefs that are present in various restaurants. They make sure that the food is according to the requirement of the customers. They also put in the creative factor that is difficult to imitate by a machine. Sometimes some situations also arise that demand human involvement. This is also a case where automation won’t help. For example, the condition when there is anxiety among customers when the waiting period is long in some restaurants. In such cases, human involvement is a better option while handling such situations.

Now, if we look at some luxurious hotels, then also hospitality plays an important role in making a customer more comfortable in a hotel. The finesse with which some hotels treat their customers makes a trip memorable for some. This makes sure that the customer keeps on coming back in the future for their business trips or even some family-related events.

Health sector

Now, if we talk about the health sector. Then this is another sector, that needs human involvement when it comes to the treatment of patients or even taking care of them in hospitals. The constant monitoring of the human body may be up to the machines, but the real analysis is done by the doctors themselves.

Plus- point of automation in various sector

Entertainment sector

Now, if we consider the entertainment sector, then technology has helped to a large extent. Now, extremely dangerous stunts are performed by machines and also drones help in capturing some decent angles for a particular shot in a movie.

Now, several stunts are being set up by using professional software that can easily enhance the visual appeal of a particular fight sequence or action sequence in a movie. This is depicted in various superhero movies that kids and the newer generations love to watch.

Transport sector

Now, as the entire world is buying everything online, so it becomes important to have some technical assistance in the transport sector. Slowly, we can even see the involvement of robots in various warehouses where they help in packaging and put in the destined packages in the expected courier boxes. This enhances the accuracy of any one package and makes sure that the package is delivered to the destined customer without any delay.

Food-packaging industry

Now, at last, comes the sector of food packaging. In this sector, automation helps to a large extent in terms of the automatic work that is required. It helps in proper packaging and the equal amount of distribution as well as the processing of the food items that are produced in large quantities.

So, these are some of the advantages and disadvantages of automation. The steps or explanations that are provided above are a few of the points that we can consider. Other than these there can be several more points that can provide us with an even more clear idea.

Cleaning and household industry

No one can deny that machines will have a big impact on our lives. But this change needs to be under some check. The need for unnecessary changes needs to stop. The biggest example can be the machines that are in the form of robots and are used for cleaning purposes. These robots, in some cases, are still not very efficient and need some proper care. In developing countries like India, these robots still have a long way to go before they are adopted by the masses for cleaning purposes.


There are still various aspects that we need to consider before we give control of our house to some automated system. As is the current case, the devices that are dependent on the internet are becoming easier to hack and get into. This is creating problems for big companies that have computerized systems and are very sensitive to such attacks. So, we need to take some important measures that can guarantee the safety of the existing systems and the upcoming systems in the future.

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