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Media platforms have now become a source of communication as well as information. They act as a transporter of any kind of information from all around the world. They tend to act as a platform where people can vent their thoughts and anger towards the wrongdoing and, the problems of society. But at times, they can be dangerous. They can act as a medium for the hatred that some people want to spread all across the globe. So, media can be of assistance in both ways, in a good, as well as a bad way.

For such news or media, we need to be careful. There must be some censorship or a control board that can act on such media organizations and individuals. But, sometimes comes the question of whether a censorship board can be effective. Can a censor board also keep in mind that there are certain rights for the privacy of an individual?

Disadvantages and the doubts:

For such questions, there needs to be some clarification from the broadcasting department of the government. Only they can give some proper clarification on such doubtful questions. But can we accept some filtered messages or monitoring on the social media platforms that we may be getting as a result of the requests to the government? There can also be some debates on social media platforms that can arise due to privacy issues and then spread some false news among the public.

So we need to have some freedom over the messages and the pictures, that users post online, but with some caution. There can also be some platforms that can agree to the surveillance, but there are some that do not want to give up on their dream of a clear society. It is because some users prefer complete freedom to the opposite.

Reasons for a censorship board:

The need for censorship is the need of the hour because of the increasing uneasiness among the public. This weird situation is because of the various kinds of news that one gets through different sources. The sources are in various forms, like social media, newspapers, magazines, and even news channels. But the information can be true or false. So it is difficult to believe, which one is good and which one is not.

But on the other hand, if we talk about the media that involves the entertainment industry. Then censorship plays a crucial role in this part of the media. Probably, the thing is, movies have been a mirror of society for all the activities happening around us. So, movies try to show society and the things going on around us. The incidents or events can be good or bad, movies are the main part of the media group and are the actual money makers for many.

But, some rules do play a role in deciding which movies get through to the audience. There are also certain restrictions or directions that a production house will have to follow to cut short their creations for the audience. The cut or restrictions is the directives that the censor board has set up for the movies.

Now, comes the question of TV series. The TV series, as of now, is out of the censor circle. But, debates are going on, about whether there is a need for a censorship board for the TV series or not. Also, on this topic, the world is divided. Especially, in a country like India, this is a popular topic.


Censorship can also have some advantages. It can be a help for several things. For example, they can be of assistance in creating an image of a society that is a bit less aggressive. They also assist in keeping some objectionable statements away from the eyes of the general public. But the advantages do not stop here, the list can go on. But the important thing is that censorship can be of assistance also.

Censorship in one country can also have some help in terms of assistance from censorship boards in some other countries. It is because censorship boards can learn from other censor boards about how to deal with cuts and restrictions.

The future:

Today, the internet is a superpower. Everything is visible to the entire world all across the planet. So, it is a bit difficult to control the spread of any kind of information. But the internet, on the other hand, is having another problem, which is related to censorship.

Technology has given us virtual reality, augmented reality, and even metaverse. All of these platforms are also troubled with the content that people have in front of them. So, it is also a question that, whether these technologies need some kind of censorship or not.


After discussing, all of the above points, it is important to have something which can make it possible to get something more user-friendly for the user. It is one of the reasons, that censorship is needed in the media field. The censorship board does a job of keeping the content enjoyable for more people and not the other way around.

The reasons can be many, but the real question is, can a censor board do a good job? Can they possibly make a better society, or can they make it worse? It is difficult to say. It is also true that there is no need for a censor board, in every field. If there is a censor board everywhere, then it will take away privacy as well as the freedom of a person’s life.

A censor board can be a good as well as a bad thing. The content approved by them can be good or can also be offensive for some people in one way or the other. But still, there needs to be some relaxation as well as kind of strict rules, that can create a balance in the censorship area for the media world. So, there is a need for ways through which, a balance can be made between judgment and entertainment.

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