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Social media has been a boon and also a curse. We all are now accustomed with the so-called influence of the social media. But at times it is necessary for all of us to observe the effects of the platforms.

In modern times, as everyone is trying to gain a tiny span of attention from the public. It is difficult to ignore the attractive nature of the social media. It is sometimes necessary for all of us to identify the reality of these platforms.

The number of hours which people generally spend on these platforms is so huge. It is now giving rise to several problems. In the recent times, we have even seen certain cases in which people claim that the social media platforms are causing some mental issues. This is giving rise to another argument that people are getting effected mentally due to social media or not. This argument is a hot topic currently.

There is also a very high concentration of social media platforms on the internet. The platforms are meant for different purposes. But people don’t generally observe that.

Irrespective of these reasons, the various platforms are being used by people for many reasons. Some want to get updates, some want to stay in touch with their colleagues and friends, some even want to share their various experiences and knowledge with others and there are many other reasons.

But at times, social media is being used by some anti-social elements to spread false news and create chaos in the society. These elements very much act against the law and play with the sentiments of the general public.

The newer generations have the advantage of technology in their favour. But some of them are not utilizing it for their own benefits. Instead, they are presenting such evolutions for their own ego.

The effects of social media platforms are varied. But they can also be of some benefits. For example, they can be a great platform to showcase some good photography skills. On the other hand, many designers use some social media platforms to show and share their knowledge.

The other benefits also include getting paid for what we post online. There is also a vast audience for us to entertain. We can even see our progress on a daily basis.

For demerits we can consider the lack of emotional quotient on social media. There is also increase in laziness among people who are addicted to social media. There is decrease in face-to-face communication skills among social media addicts. There is also a lack of patience. There is also a lack of courtesy among people. In terms of courtesy, it means that people can react without caring about the feelings of the other people.

All of these can result in various disasters in our lives. First of all, people can become less competitive in the job field. The addicts can also lose their jobs and become more addicted to something else. The professional factor can become less important among the people. There is also risk of losing expressive nature by using social media a lot.

Theses changes can be very harmful for some people. These can also result in a negative atmosphere in a house, due to constant dissatisfaction as well as irritability from using social media.

Social media has a potential to revolutionize our lives in spite of having so many advantages and disadvantages. It can be improved in many aspects. Even today the companies, who own the various social media platforms, are trying to implement some of the features to fill the gaps in the social media platforms. The new features also try to innovate in some ways. For example, the reels or short video format has become very successful in the entertainment sector.

In terms of future scenario, the social media platforms will now experience the metaverse. In metaverse, we will now be able to interact with each other in the virtual world.

There are also some features that do give the users freedom to explore various information related to various fields. The information, which you all get from these sites are not verified. So, no one can actually believe on that info. The data which we get on the internet can be edited or altered without any consent. So, everyone should believe on the information available on internet with caution.

The hackers, who sometimes do hack some of the popular accounts on social media platforms, can also use the platforms to spread wrong information. The various information cannot be used anywhere as they can create misconceptions in the minds of the people. This is a fact which the hackers and other culprits exploit via the social media platforms.

So, the social media should be used with caution. It is our responsibility that social media remains a platform to connect and not a platform to disconnect. The various misdeeds which are being done to people in the form of harassment by leaking someone’s personal life on the internet and their personal relations. This kind of acts can sometimes destroy someone’s life.

Utmost care must be taken while sharing information on the platforms. As many people rely on these platforms for information related to various things.

The social media is a tool which can help the society in improving itself in many terms. It can be used to improve the various aspects of the society and present a better image of one self in front of the world.

We all do wish for the best moments of ours to be with us forever. Social media do provide us that photo frame, but on a large scale. We can either keep it clean and use it for a long time or we can make it dirty and then throw it away like nothing. Life can be beautiful if we keep good memories and share the funny ones with our close family members and friends. But we try to alter it a lot, then it becomes dreadful for someone. So it’s up to us that whether we want to improve our lives on good terms or bend those rules for our own selfish benefits.

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