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Tesla is the undisputed king of the electric car market. It basically, transformed the way cars are being looked at. It even provided some latest tech to its cars. Now, the company is being considered the game changer in the electric car market. It is also able to gain some much-needed attention from the public also.

But the question is, how will these affect the current car market scenario? The reasons which can cause some drastic changes to electric cars in the coming years. It is also difficult to take note of the effects that electric cars can have on our planet.

The ever-increasing use of batteries in various devices is already creating enough electric waste in terms of faulty batteries and various parts that are needed for the proper functioning of an electric car. Now there also needs to be some laws, which can regulate the proper disposal of this electric waste. It is also necessary to properly recycle them and make them reusable for various purposes.

Now, some companies are taking up these kinds of stuff. Some companies are focusing on recycling these wastes and then reusing them in various products. There are various uses of the batteries that are recycled, so it is good that it is being taken care of at an early stage.

But the real problem will arise when the number of products powered by batteries will simply be at a higher level. The list will also include cars and buses. Then what will happen to these efforts of making the planet a less polluted place to live? The efforts will also take some new shape in the coming years.

On the positive side, these vehicles will solve the problem of energy to some extent. For example, these electric vehicles can have a larger battery in the future as compared to today. At a time, when we are searching for an energy source to charge our various devices will reduce as well as we will have an electric vehicle at our doorstep as an option.

Another advantage of having an electric car is the low maintenance cost. Since they do not have an internal combustion engine, so it reduces the maintenance cost. The third advantage is that they are less polluting. This less pollution is in terms of sound pollution and air pollution.

But other issues make them a bit negative. The first point among them is that they are costly. The other thing is that costly materials are required to manufacture some of the parts of an electric car.

Another disadvantage of having an electric car is the lack of charging stations. As electric cars will increase in numbers, there will be a higher demand for charging stations.

All of the above explanations point to one thing only and that is the necessity of electric cars and their relevance in this new era is increasing.

The main importance of electric cars has been due to the existence of pollution and over usage of natural resources by humans.

The overuse of anything can result in various effects. It is also the case with the introduction of electric cars. They are here to remove the ill effects of fossil fuel usage by humans. As the quantity of fossil fuels is reducing on the planet. There is a constant cry from people to find an alternate form of energy for our use. So as a result electric cars are now in front of us.

Now, comes the question of the various companies that are working day and night on internal combustion engines for their various car models. So for them, governments are setting up various rules and regulations to implement the use of electric vehicles. Due to this, there are incentives in various parts of the globe by the concerned government for buying a new car.

The various car companies are also phasing out their old-school products and are focusing on electric cars. They are also making sure that there is a product in every range for the general consumers. But a complete implementation of the electric system will take a bit of time.

On the contrary, various governments in many parts of the globe especially in India, are already replacing the public transport system for citizens of the country. This change is especially beneficial in a country like India, as most of the population prefers public transport for their commute. It is economical and also more reliable for daily commutes.

The other good thing about having an electric car on offer for the people is the freedom from emission norms that government has to implement from time to time. This point ensures that the government can save a lot of money that goes into the implementation of any new emission norm.

But the other downside of the introduction of electric vehicles is the fact that it is also contributing to more scrapping of older vehicles which people are willing to accept. The old vehicles are contributing to the ever-increasing quantity of scrap, which is being produced by several countries every year. So the various car companies also need to think of ways to change the fate of the scrap cars that are lying neglected in various junkyards all over the planet.

The various merits and demerits are making it difficult for people to decide whether they need to change their vehicle or not. But it is not at all difficult as the advantages of electric cars outweigh the disadvantages of an electric car.

The various continuous efforts from the governments and even some NGOs are ensuring that people adopt the electric car. It may not sound good at the moment, but in the long run, the benefits are huge. The sorry state of Mother Nature will improve with the usage of electric cars over time. More electric cars will also motivate more people to adopt them as they are the future of mankind, for a better and healthy future. There will be a clean environment around us to breathe and live in.

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