We all are now stuck in our homes. To get rid of this laziness there is a desperate need of sports, especially outdoor sports. There are various sports which we can play in a playground. But there are few which are the most popular among the public. Some of them are football and cricket.

But there are also categories of sports which are still in the developmental stage in our country. This means that people are still not very much accustomed to these sports. This can also be said because these sports are considered as a sport for the rich and the famous by some people. So, it sometimes becomes difficult to make people understand the full potential of these sports and their own benefits.

Some of such sports are motorsports. It is a category of sport which is costly to some extent as it needs a vehicle of a kind to compete. This particular rule is basically a hurdle for people living in a developing country like India.

But on the other hand, sports like football have been able to garner immense popularity. From the days when there was no electricity, it has seen its fair share of success and failures. But now we are living in an era of technological evolution. Everything around us is slowly getting attached to the internet. We can now command our electronic devices to tell us about the progress of a football match in any corner of the world irrespective of the work we are currently pursuing.

Today we even have video games of our respective favourite sport. So, the sport has changed its form to a great extent. We can even play these video games with our friends present in different corners of the world through internet. So, the experience of enjoying a sport has also changed a lot.

The easy availability of technology and the ways to use it has transformed the way sports is being enjoyed today. On one hand, there are people who like watching a football or cricket match in stadium. But on the other hand, there are also people who like to watch a match on a television set or over the internet. For example, in the year 2020, the world chess championship was streamed live on the internet all over the globe for the comfort of the people during the pandemic.

From a player's point of view, the technology has also some added advantages. Now, the coach can see the footage or recording of previous matches in any sport and can prepare accordingly. It will help a player in the process of preparation in terms of rectifying his/her mistakes done in previous games. The players can also take a closer look at the kind of techniques the opponents used in the previous encounters.

The modern technology has also helped in reducing human errors in decision-making during a match. It is now even possible to make a prediction regarding the weather conditions for the particular day well in advance.

In the modern context, as discussed earlier, in advanced sports like motorsports drivers even have the option of practicing in virtual stimulators for the main event. The technology has even increased the level of safety which a player needs in a sport like Formula 1. Better helmets and better safety equipment like gloves and guards for different parts of the body have improved the actual interest of people by removing their doubts related to safety in various sports like cricket.

The newer technology like various machinery has also helped the concerned authorities in improving the quality of surface on which a particular sport is being played.

The technology has also improved the comfort of the spectators also. Now we even have closed stadiums which are weather proof and the people can keep enjoying the game without any disruption.

The quality of equipment being used for the sport like football and rackets used in tennis has also improved a lot. Along with that, the machinery which is being used to manufacture those sport-related products has also improved. The protection of the workers engaged in the manufacture of those sports goods is also better with improved technology available today.

The improved technology in the health sector has also improved the monitoring of the health of various sportspersons all over the globe. Now, they can take good care of themselves so that they can perform at their full potential in their games.

Now the technology has also helped the various players and teams reach the common people. Now fans can connect with their favourite players through social media. The players and various teams can share updates about the various progress related to their future with their fans through the internet.

We can even enjoy our favourite matches and games from the past with the help of internet. Even the access to the tickets for various games and sports has also become very easily accessible. All of this has been possible due to the technology which we have right now around us in various forms.

In this time of the pandemic, sports have also been able to reach the various corners of the world. This has also been possible due to the fact that now technology is available almost everywhere.

So, with every passing year technology is trying to improve sports in one aspect or the other. But there have been some disadvantages also. For example, betting on various sports has also increased through various online illegal platforms. The other demerit of technology is that of the availability of advanced medicines. These medicines have a tendency to increase the physical capabilities of a sportsperson. As a result, some people win in sports competitions through unfair means. But for such scenarios, now we also have doping tests before a sports competition. This test helps in identifying people who are using unfair means to win in a competition.

At last, it all depends on us that how we want technology in our sports. It is our responsibility to implement technology in sports in a proper way. The outcome should be advantageous and the disadvantages must be eliminated steadily. Along with all this, we should also promote technology in sports which are less popular so that they can also be benefitted with the plus points of the modern world.

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