Source: Pixabay

Feelings that words cannot express should not disappear. For those feelings and emotions which words cannot express, ART steps in. That's the sole purpose of art.

Art is not just a piece of painting. Art is everything around us. May it be a splodge of paint or even a uniquely shaped leaf, it is ART, it is beauty.

Only an artist and a person who appreciates art can see this beauty in every little thing. It may be just a piece of rock for you, but for an artist, it is a beautiful piece of art for he can see beauty and art everywhere. ART can be a poem, painting, carving, performance, sculpture, and even nature.

ART plays a gigantic role in our lives...

The feeling at the bottom of a person's heart comes out in the form of his/her work of art. There is no emotion that ART cannot express. Joy, anger, ecstasy, agony, sadness - the list is endless. It may change a person's or even the society's point of view and mind for that is the power of art. ART has such an impact that it can twist and turn and reform a mind!

ART helps in increasing the concentration levels as you constantly trying to make your piece of art, the best one you have produced. A stroke, a dot, a piece of rock - everything matters. ART is also a great pastime or hobby as it is extremely pleasing and satisfying. It also serves as a medium through which we study about the past (History). If it wasn't for ART, then we could most probably not have known about the people and practices of the past. Not only does it help us to learn but also nurtures our imagination. Imagination is more powerful than knowledge and ART proves it right. Again, if it wasn't for ART, then geniuses like Pablo Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Rabindranath Tagore, and Edvard Munch would remain unknown - diamonds not recognized.

These days ART is used to teach various concepts. Art Integrated Learning is being practiced as it is both fun and educational. ART if included in anything, makes it more joyful and fun. ART has a purpose. You go find it. It will take you on an unimaginable path and maybe even lead you to a destination – unthinkable. 

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