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As I write this is I remember a quote on my screensaver that goes - 

'Be your own Hero’

Perhaps the need of the hour, we can act it out, by keeping ourselves safe and isolated. 

Better late than never!

But those in all REAL SENSE and EXISTENCE, and in all possible terms, out there fighting it out with a disease that’s killin’ so many. 

I take a moment where I perhaps most of us miss to, or perhaps don’t quite vocally appreciate enough, the effort, sweat, grit of these doctors, dealing with what has killed aplenty, affected so many physically, more-over mentally, one can imagine a family member of a friend getting affected, and the repercussions it can have on you, or anyone around you mentally. 

‌A slight scare can create chaos in minds, especially within families having to live with all age groups. 

‌My heartfelt gratitude to these specials, who’re out there, fighting it out, with the closest proximity to the virus and risks, assuring and working towards saving THE HUMAN RACE, one day at a time. They’re the reassuring factor to even the slightest troubles within you, without whom perhaps we can’t sustain this current scenario. I won’t use maybe or perhaps because it’s certain, you just cannot deal with a magnitude this humongous of the virus. We’re sitting at home, watching the news, while they are the reason why you need to remember due to which your life would come back on track. Your businesses. Your workplaces. Your transit. Your full paid salaries. Your life routine. Your "normal life". Your daily rigmarole. Rightly said, they’re staying out there for ya, so the least we can do is abide by norms and stay home for them. Perhaps we wouldn’t give this a thought, but they’re as human as you. Thanks to them and all in this battle. Truly! 

In a span of a few months, difficulty and I within were only being tamed with time.

March your way into November. Don't worry about winning or losing this month, participate, soak, seek and keep moving forward.

So another month comes by and all you need to do is roar this new month...

.    .    .