Source: Homecare119 from Pixabay

The sky over our home
runs azure today,
in anticipation of your
auspicious return.
The trees, young and old,
though firm where they stand,
sway merrily left and right
to the call of the wind
that carried with it from miles away
the news of homecoming.

The porcelain clouds that bestride
the preponderance of the infinite,
seem to shy away when I lift my gaze
as if in response to the light
not from the luminary aglow
but from the hearts of your cherished
who await your sparkling presence,
having found respite from gloom.

The feathered friends of nature,
now astir betimes,
chirp softer than they did before,
as if to remind the world
of the inhuman dearth
of your dulcet tone.

The days are now spent
wantonly hurried,
for each one fetched to the past,
you arrive sooner.

.    .    .