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Poetry, since time immemorial, has been a way for people to express their thoughts and opinions in a romantic and aesthetic manner. Unlike most of the other art forms that exist, it does not require any formal training, and extending to the beautiful quote by John Green about pain, it can be said that, ‘Poetry just demands to be felt’.

The roots of poetry can be traced to the folklores that used to be sung in the villages with a distinct rhyming scheme. The writing in later years also reflects a heavy influence of verbal poetry and hymns signifying the origin of poetry is closely linked to music.

In India and neighboring countries, it can be seen that ghazal is a prevalent form of poetry that is sung. But there are various other forms of poetry as well that dominate the world in various geographical locations such as sonnet, haiku, limerick, tanka and more.

However, the new emoticon generation seems to have forgotten about the beauty of words or simply the usage of words at all! Symbols or commonly called emojis are taking over the world, eliminating the need of using words but there are still a few categories of people that believe in the power words hold, such as linguists, poets and lovers and more.

The poems that come up in the new era might lessen in number but till man remains there will always be a need to express, and when such need arises, a poem will always be born.

As rightfully said in Dead Poets Society, “Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, love, beauty, romance, these are what we stay alive for.”

Coming back from the philosophical aspect of poetry, a shift is seriously needed to push the attention of the youth from entertainment to poetry as studies show that writing content is diminishing and the people who still write are unable to reach a good audience as a result of algorithms of different social media platforms.

Thus, it can be said that poetry is becoming a lost art and to preserve its beauty is our responsibility. As a reader me must support writers before the AI shift completely wipes off authentic writers from the world.

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