I gave this assignment a lot of thought, and I ended up penning a narrative about myself. My father once told me about Rajesh Kumar, one of his buddies. He is a priest who lives with Radhika, his wife. At their house, things were difficult. They couldn't eat more than twice a day. The man, on the other hand, is quite caring and attentive. On a chilly evening, the husband and wife were both getting ready for their dinner. The temperature that night was extremely low, so they were sitting outside their house with a bonfire. They spotted a silhouette in the darkness at that time. They both looked around, unsure of who it could be. The shadow belonged to an elderly lady. She was frail and lacked any kind of strength. She was barely able to move. 

Rajesh invited the elderly lady inside as soon as he spotted her. Rajesh persisted although she initially denied it. His wife pleaded with the elderly lady to allow them to assist her because she was unable to travel elsewhere. They escorted her inside and forced her to lie down on their bed, while Radhika cooked water in a pan. She put a cloth in lukewarm water and placed it on the lady's brow. The elderly lady was suffering from a fever. They attempted to inquire about her family and relatives if she had any. She, on the other hand, remained silent. They tried everything they could to wake her up so they could feed her something to make her feel better, but they were unsuccessful. They made the decision to convey the lady to a hospital. When they arrived at the hospital, the doctor informed them that she needed to be admitted and that they needed to make the necessary payments. 

At this point, Rajesh sought his wife for advice. "Yes, we'll make the payment," Radhika answered, taken aback. Rajesh inquired, "Are you worried?" and "What about us?" Radhika stated that it is fine for the time being because we are eating twice a day. We'll only eat one meal a day for a few days but saving this lady's life is far more vital. Both Rajesh and Radhika went to the doctor and indicated they'd make the necessary arrangements and payments. 

They related the full scenario to the doctor when he inquired about their relationship with the patient. The doctor was overcome with passion and pride for these two. His eyes welled up with happy tears. He couldn't believe there was still so much goodness in the world. The doctor, overjoyed, stated that he would personally shoulder all the costs associated with the treatment of this elderly lady. Hearing the narrative, I felt very good and positive. Hearing such acts of compassion brings me a great deal of delight. These small youngsters were usually seen with the maids in our neighborhood. 

I've always felt guilty seeing them because I know how fortunate I am. Therefore, I wanted to help them, and one thing that I personally believe is that they do not need food or clothing, which is something that many people donate to them. However, I desired that they supply education. An educated individual, in my perspective, can provide for himself and his or her family. However, when studying in a different location, I always believed that I couldn't begin with regular teaching since it wouldn't be sustainable in the long run. But after hearing my father's story, I learned that it doesn't matter how I help. What counts is what I can contribute to society. Therefore, my sister and I decided to build our own community. If not, frequent instruction focused on general intellectual growth. 

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Essentially, we will arrange workshops and events to help these young children build life skills and soft skills. We brainstormed ideas for several workshops. Our main goal was to improve each child's individuality so that as they grew older, they would have their own distinct character. We now have our own community called "Pehli Kiran." We currently have twenty-five youngsters in our care. We've hosted workshops on "Unity is Strength," "Dance Workshop," "Health and Sanitation," "Candle Decoration," and "Social Media and Its Use," among others. When I see these kids smile and giggle, I get a good sensation. To them, even the tiniest detail is significant. They are ecstatic and grateful for every little thing I do for them. When I see how much these tiny angels adore each other, it breaks my heart and motivates me to do more. 

My life revolves around two quotes by Robert Frost:

  • "You only live once" 
  • "I have miles to go before I sleep" 

I tell myself that, and the next thing I know, I'm bursting with enthusiasm and love for these kids. They are like my family, and I am like theirs. We share both happy and sad moments together. I really want to see every one of them mature into lovely people on the inside. My sole aim is for them to develop their personalities in such a way that they will undoubtedly contribute to society.

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