Source: Dominic Wunderlich from Pixabay

If you think it's not an emergency, it's because You don't know it

If you think it's not a matter of urgency, Its because You choose to ignore it.
It's because You choose to live with ease
with an incurable disease that will soon swallow you and me, and our kids specifically
if we keep spitting on the ever beeping countdown of a fated fall out by joking that it's not zero yet.
maybe it's not zero yet
but one day not too far from today it will be and
then it will be too late
to stop these meetings more like a romantic date by our so called Political Leaders to Click bait
us in the name of Global Climate disgrace.
And so I call you, Youth.
Action is what we need.
We need to clear this disease because our so called leaders will be dead by the time but we and our kids will have to utter as to why they suffer?
Karma? Destiny? Life?
Let's come together for a better answer, right?
or even a choice to not answer at all-
for we still have the choice to not head to Mars at all.
We still have a choice.
So choose to be an activist, choose to be a game-changer, choose to do action because Earth needs you. 

You see posting beautiful posts from the leftover pieces of earth at instagram on earth day won't really help
When you eat it, wear it, squeeze it and freeze it to a level unimaginable. 

You ask me what to do?

Stop abusing animals in the name of luxury
Stop using Plastic whenever you are given a choice
Stop wasting food, water and fuel to maintain your hellish standards.
Stop that rich people shit. And stop promoting a life that appreciates it.

Because if we do, we are ashamed, blamed and stained with the blood of our future kids.
So why to wait for the next earth day?
Why not today? 

Choose to be Right, Right now!
After all, it is never too late for a human to be the human, right?

.     .     .