"You kidding me"?

"I've never played Holi ever in my life. I've never bunked a class. I didn't even have the guts to play truth and dare with my cousins," I said that all in just one breath.

He was a shy, fair new boy in our neighborhood who also happened to be my classmate, by chance.

"Come on. There's the first time to everything in life", he insisted.

For a second, just for a second, I thought, why is he being so nice to a girl like me?

A girl on the wheelchair, a girl who is called cranky, weird by everyone in the class.

"I don't firecrackers", I sighed.

"We're not going to firecrackers. They're unhealthy", he said.

"Ugh. Well, then what are you up to? Why do you want to take me outside"? I interrogated.

"To have fun weirdo," he smiled.

That weirdo was a lot more to come from a shy new boy to a girl like me who doesn't like to talk like that, at least at that time.

So I kicked his leg with my walking stick.

"Owwwww," he said.

"Better now"? I giggled.

"Come on now", he continued.

"The city is a new place for you, so where you gonna take me"? I asked impatiently.

"You girls don't have patience right"? he laughed.

"Already started acting like a man"? I sarcastically commented.

"Well in that case, You're talking to the most eligible to be gentleman," he said with pride in his eyes.

"Huh. So where are we going Mr. Gentleman to be?" I reminded in a croaky voice.

"You'll know. We're almost there." He continued.

Little did I know, we were heading to the town's hill top.

"Wait no, you're taking me up the hill"? I tensed.

"Wow, you know that place?" He exclaimed.

"Of course you pale face", I shouted. "We need to get down maa said it could hurt me."

"Don't worry the light view from up there would heal the wounds", he chuckled.

Before I could utter, "very funny" it started to rain.

Yes, you heard me right. Rain.

Can you ever imagine?

Rain, on Diwali?

And instead of figuring out what to do next, I said,

"You. It was your plan. Now I'm gonna catch cold. And if we don't catch up at home on time we're gonna miss Diwali pooja and our parents would worry about us."

"Wait I didn't know it rains on Diwali in this city", he said carelessly.

"What's your problem with the city? Our city is better than your garbage metro cities." I said with rage in my eyes.

"Wait what did you just said?"

"Yes, I said garb....."

And before I could complete. My wheelchair suddenly started to fall off the hill.

No. No. Save me, somebody. I take my words, I take my words, please save me Aru.

He ran as fast as he could and gripped the handle tight. But couldn't stop or slow the speed for we were just 10 back then.

"No way, I don't wanna die like that."

"Just keep your grip tight viyaaa," he boldly said.

"Yes, I'm trying......

Oh no. There's a mud place straight over there, and we're heading towards it so fast."

"Don't worry, it will stop the pace of the wheel immediately. You just need to tighten your grip if you don't wish to fall", he gasped and said while running.

"No I definitely don't wish to", I laughed with a crying face.

Aru: You ready?

Viyaa: So ready!!!
1.... 2.... 3.... Smasssssshhhhhhh...

The wheelchair did stop, not because of the pit, but because of the tight grip that he hold, and the wheelchair laid on the mud and finally stopped. I understood and turned to thank him for saving my life but wait...

What is it?

I burst out laughing.


"Cool. That's a good way to say thanks." He said in fury.

"I'm so sorry, I just....." and again burst out laughing.

"Fine. I get it. It was raining. I got my body into mud and now rain is gone", he said all in one breath.

"Oh yeah, I didn't realise rain is gone", I muzzled.

"Okay, so what do we do now? Take you to a spa or maybe a car wash service." I added.

"Very funny", he murmured.

"Don't worry. I know a better place". I smiled.

"Okay so there's a big field nearby and every evening they open water to clean the greens." I continued.

Cool! He happily agreed.

Little did we know a dog was coming straight to us running faster and faster.

Aru: Oh no!!! runnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

The dog that for God knows the reason is now before us, he screamed out of fear.

"Wait is it the same dog that gogi thrown to you during games period?

"I don't have time to find out princess", he gasped.

Never mind. Okay, we're almost there. You just need to take us as fast as you can and with my stick, I'm gonna push the gate.

We have to take this chance.

Viyaa: You ready?

Aru: So ready.


“We did it yayyyyyyy", are you excited?.



I fall off the chair and cut my hand.

"Are you okay?" He came immediately.

"Could've been worse. Of course not the pale face I'm cut I'm hurt and it's because of you. I burst out of anger.

And the gardener locking the doors saw us through the balcony.

Hey, What are you doing?

"Oh no. Penalty here is really High. We gotta run," I said.

"Okay, tight grip." He exclaimed.

Aru: You ready?

Viyaa: So ready!!!!!!

And banging the doors, screeching the roads, smashing through the muds,

we cried out of joy as the people passed.

Happppppy Diwaaaaali to all!!!!!

"It was fun pale face." He smiled.

"It definitely was weirdo." I smiled back.

"I think we might do it again." I added.

"Can't wait for the next year", he said.

"Well who said next year?" I unexpectedly added.

And he stopped the chair. As if it stopped his heart, if only for a second.

There wasn't even a second over and the new suspense arrives.

A pig came out of my home's main door and ran away passing through my lap and his hand to a big ambulance.

"Wait we came home already?" I shocked.

"You didn't tell you to have a pig pet?" He asked.

"Wait no we don't." I answered.

My parents hurrily came out and said, "oh no that pig touched you two too?"

"This is a rescued pig and caretakers were searching for him and look what he got, our home." Mother added.

 "So he did make sure we all clean up again before Diwali pooja", my father said joyfully.

Everyone laughed.

Certainly, the pig had the last laugh. But we did not mind to be the Second last one. After all, it was Diwali.

Celebration of Victory, happiness, and Love.

First love for some.

The road to life is a thrilling ride just like the one I rode downhill on the wheelchair, but if it's with people you love, why not?

After all, we all wear scars, find one that makes yours feel beautiful.

.    .    .