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I saw them there, sitting in the parallel table looking at me. I know those eyes. I can't stop the smile that's lighting up me. But unlike other times they looked intimidated. It made me go through a lot of emotions in a few seconds. I checked whether something is on my face and turned around if someone is there behind me. I didn't see anyone. It was only two of us as customers at the moment. Me and them. I saw them again. Now they started to smile again. I couldn't understand what is wrong with them today. I raised my eyebrows. They stood up and came to my table and asked me if they can sit in there. I nodded and they sat down. 

I know for a fact I don't even know this person who is sitting together with me. 

After the universe war in 2031, because of those humans who were so greedy to take control over the universe. Everyone in the globe came to know about this as they thought it's going to be the end of the earth. That's when old gods step to save the humans from their own species and few humans who believed in humanity stand with the gods. Those two world wars were nothing when compared in front of this fight, the fight against those greedy humans and the old gods let humanity to its extinct. Millions and millions of humans were killed without knowing anything. The war took 20+ years. We didn't know how many of humans left and where they are all hiding. Those human-shaped monsters were killed mercilessly by their fellow humans who believed in humanity. Others who were left in those people killed themselves. Slowly things kind of settled down. But we had none to live. And that's when Old gods appeared in the sky. Everyone freaked out and ran to save themselves. They started to talk,

"Let the humans live beyond those disaster events. Live without fear." 

Everyone understands that's the old gods.

From that day gods appearing in the sky become a familiar sight and a lot of the individuals from the god's place come and started to ascend on the earth. Mostly fairies who look like humans. 

One such fairy angel is the person I'm sitting together with. But according to a rule, a fairy and a human can't make a relationship of any kind. They stretch outreaching to my hand. To tell the truth, I was shocked for a solid moment. Unlike their appearance which is totally covered in dark clothes and a black mask-like an anime boy. Their hands felt so warm and soft. I never saw their face once. Only their eyes are visible to us. And I know for a fact that their eyes are the prettiest which had a drop of chocolate. I would look at them all the time. They never have coffee. Not only them, but every fairy angel doesn't intake human foods. Still, then they come to the coffee shop. Humans don't mind them roaming around because they feel grateful towards the fairy angels for their help in the war. 

I smiled at them. Even with the mask, I can sense they smiled back. I can't continue this, I don't want to believe that I didn't fall for them. But I have to. That's the only way I can live in this world. I fell for them. Cause I couldn't stop smiling while crossing this coffee shop. And I couldn't stop thinking that I literally fell in love with a fairy angel. I should stop thinking about them this way. But how, they just smiled at me which made it even worsen the situation.

They are different from the usual angel they showed in the tv shows. 

They look pleasent yet gloomy, simple yet classy, they loved the smell of iced coffee more than a latte. They loved comedy shows in the cafe's television. They loved cats passing by and giving those cat treats. They love to do origami and always leave origami art for me at the table while they leave the cafe. I still don't know their name or anything but I know what I feel and how I feel while I look at their eyes. 

"You know right?! We can't continue to do this?!"

It feels sad, that the first thing I say is to stop our encounters. Then they nodded. While nodding they started to remove their mask. I grabbed their hands. I let their hands go at the very second. They looked at me. 

"I can remove it if it's on my own consent" 

I gasped and, "You fairies can talk" 

"What do you mean"

"No, I thought you fairies will never talk to humans" 



"WHAT, Wait! Don't tell me, you humans even though we don't say these crap, holy shit words and all" 

"Actually yes!"

"Y'all humans are so weird, I saw a few little kids shout kill, kill, kill to a rectangular box. Like how you shout at a box to kill. And how & why kill? You people are really so weird"

"Hey, you mean the mobile phones, and that must be a game these kids play."

"Also why do you always shut your ears with those thingies, were they supposed to stop people from talking to you, you won't hear anything if people speak while you have it? That's why we fairy angels usually don't talk to grown people. As we thought your folks don't want to speak with us?!"

I don't know I can laugh or not. But they looked so concerned and had the most polite face of all time. I couldn't hold. I laughed. They looked kind of pissed. "sorry. Those are the things which help you listen to different types of sounds put in a rhythm as music. Here, I have one hear this song" 

I reached to their ears and put the ear Piece and made sure that doesn't fall. And then, I started to play MY UNIVERSE (Coldplay and BTS). They looked at me amused. I don't know what they thought but they took both my hand and hold and smiled at me,

"This one, you created it?" 

To be truthful, that was a wholesome reaction they had. But I shook my head,

"It's an old song, it was sung by talented people even before the war. And it was about the phrase "you are my universe" in a relationship. And also definitely not to conquer the universe" 

"Ohh, I thought you created it for me specially"  Their face fell. Oh my god. They feel sad that I didn't write a song for them. If I know it I would have written millions of romantic poems and presented that to them. 

"That's the romantic thing you have ever said about me"


" Oh, sorry! You didn't say that. I heard your mind's voice. You and your cute little crush adoration for me are the ones I'm living for" 

"What the... you know what I think... So you hear what all I have been thinking about you all these days."

"Yeah, you have a cute little teenage crush over me don't you." 

"Stop saying that's cute, it's making me feel that you like me too. By the way, what should I call you I mean your name"

"My bad, my name is Zeno, and I go by he/they pronouns"

"Nice to meet you. I'm bahu and I go by she/her pronouns" 

And he said something I didn't expect them to say, "Actually I quite like you"

"WHAT, hey Don't make fun of me okay"

"Hey, I'm not making fun. I really do like you, I like your crush over me, your taste in coffees, the way you smile at little children crossing the cafe shop, unlike your cutie pie looks your love for crime novels and movies... Your handwriting...oh I saw yours one day while going out of the cafe., your habit of reading romantic poems and think of me... I'm sorry that I hear your mind voices all along but I couldn't help but hear those childish rants and rants about me being a handsome person" 

Everything is fine but in the middle, they praised him as a handsome person and I can't with their confidence. Even still he can hear that I'm thinking this too.  I looked at them, they smiled I couldn't cope with him. I'm defeated.

"Okay okay, I like you. But we can't like each other it's forbidden love thus this love becomes unrequited love."

"Who told you that?! I mean that it's forbidden?"

" old Gods! There was a rule it seems, that no fairy and human will have the relationship of any kind." 

They let out a small sigh and laughed at me. 

"Old Gods... When did they tell you... No, there is never a rule like that... It's just this one person in the fairy hates interaction so much that he would have started this rumor so humans wouldn't disturb him. There are no rules about love. You can love whoever you want and marry them. Only with their consent."

"Who is that guy?"

"Actually I'm the one, I hated speaking with anyone. But wait, this is the first time I approached someone to speak. You make me feel comfortable which I never seen in anyone."

"Oh, really!"

I hold his hand and smiled at them.

I don't know what is going to happen. how our life would turn, I believe what they said but then, we always have a difficulty which is predominantly in everyone's life. If there is a heart that's willing to love there is always a way for that.

Even to a fairy angel, it's difficult to be who they want to be. 

Then how it will be for humans, 

There are humans who are afraid to be who they are and what they want to be in this world,

Not because they don't like themselves but afraid of society which makes them afraid to be themselves.

Just like Zeno and Bahu, there are people who want to love and to be loved yet are afraid. 

We can just be a human and let them be who they want to be.

Love is love! 

And everyone's identity is valid! 

.    .    .