I'm free in my wildness we are the wanderers as a drop of free water we know nothing of borders and care nothing for rules or customs. It's time to fight against it. Our life flows clean, with passion, like freshwater... At the time I thought to write this blog I was in the search of content to describe it differently. That time I met up with an incident that plots my heart.

That day in Bangalore I was enjoying the roadside view while eating lunch inside the restaurant suddenly I saw some teen girls being eve-teased by the number of jerks while passing by on bikes even they taped one of the girl's back and grabbed another girls breast and those girls pretend as nothing happened just now

When they entered the restaurant someone went up to them and asked why they didn't react. To them, the girls answered why should we if they react to them no one would come for the help or they would be made fun of by taking on social media, their answer remained me of my past when I been in the same situation by suffering these abuses and molesting in my life even I got the same answer with me no one Would come for the help everyone will judge me even I not shared with my own family till now will never share also only me my self know by how many incidents I went through till now but at some point, I learned to overcome it not by raising my voice or slaps just overcome by sacrificing my feelings but at one movement I even started to hurt them silently with nails, safety pin, pen to rescue myself silently

but still whenever a women's Walks on streets, Enter a holy place While sitting on a bus or while talking on rickshaws the way of losing her respect hits her heart. I want to know what it means to survive. Something does it just mean...
Do we get to keep our bodies? Like exactly what im with me by sacrificing my feelings.

If a woman is harassed, it's doesn't mean that is because she asked for it? did she dress up for it? Does she walk for it? Does she speak for it? Did she marry for it? Or she deserves it?? I would like to change that mentality of some dust around us in the name of society ever we wonder why he doesn't need to worry about a late-night shift or Short clothes why is a crop top is such an issue if a shirtless guy is sexy is it because of his body or balls what if a girl drivers her car with loud music of her favourite singers inside probably roll down the glass and waves at a gentleman in the street cause he is well dressed or even goes up to a random stranger and make a conversation as she thinks him to be interested or joins someone in flirting offers to buy a drink or meal in restaurants or ask for one night stands or abuse and harsh my colleagues if he refuses or rejects to have fun with us or just rape him or blackmail innocent guys on social media by asking money by his recorded clips picture etc 

I have no shame in saying these all these things have done by me if I do such I will enjoy doing feels uneasy right then is a guy supposed to feel awkward than for doing such with girls... If such things are done, by girls she is shameless we cure her family and judges her background then I feel every girl should start doing these things because we live in an unbiased society where equality is our moto but ever boys got to hear Come home early,  avoid night outs, Be quite its a part of life, Adjust it. 

Then why do girls need to hear these instead of Be confident, Don't run away, Don't avoid, Say No, Don't let yourself down... changes are not armouring or walking away it's growing up spread the word strong girls rater then weak girls They want us to be afraid They want us to hold fear of leaving our homes They want us to practice aggression and perfect antagonism. They aim to make our life back to hell But we like to remind ourselves that we will never be afraid, and we will never be silent for life is ours! We have been able to rebel whenever been trapped... people usually say, women can't let go of the person they love the most then loving our self and our respect should be a priority be strong one day we can see no rape, no abuses no molesting or eve-teasing but more respect thanks you.

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