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When I searched "What is period?" on the internet, it showed me things like- periods, intellectual, linguistic, and whatnot. Oh yeah, it also, related periods for girls, I mean I don't call them sexist or orthodox but shouldn't boys know about it too. Yes, they should. So, a  period is something where females bleed, be it humans or animals.

Let's talk about it...

Periods mean we are growing, not in height but in different aspects, like emotions, intelligence, bravery.

The sanitary napkins are used to soak the blood and the blue ink that is shown in the advertisement is some scam.

They are also known as chums, menses, menstrual cycles. They are called monthlies as well because they come every month for 4-6 days and go.

Nature has made females very strong, they have given us the responsibility of giving birth. For the birthing process, eggs are needed (no you are not a hen now) but nature keeps the egg stored inside the woman, it is up to you if you want to have kids or not.

It is hard for females to cope up with the period pain also known as cramps, and their emotions are also heightened but it is not necessary that you can't work or you can't rest throughout the day, whatever your body asks, you do that.

At any given time, 17% of the female population is on periods, and it is not only the blood loss, but the emotions are at their peak as well, during this, women have to prepare for the exams or even sometimes give exams or have to skip the festivities because they are considered as dirty. It is not true, periods are gifted, women have the gift to give birth because of which they get their periods.

Boys, you should know, every single woman is fighting a war every month without telling the world. Instead of cursing them or making fun of them, help them, it will be easier for them.

When you hear somebody say "uske toh woh din aae hain, wo ye kaam nahi kar sakti'' remind them, they are called periods and it is normal, for every female gets them and nobody should be disgusted by that, got it?

Also, boys, remember to give the space your mother, sister, girlfriend need whether they are on their periods or not. Never be disgusted about them or be egoistic about the work you are inclined to do when they aren't well, because everything is 50-50, and you are supposed to help them out whenever and wherever they need. Because they are always with you. 

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