Source: Ryan Hoffman on Unsplash

There is pain behind the smile,
Loneliness behind the laughter,
Behind the smile lies the tears,
Trying overcoming her fears!
So many thoughts racing in her mind,
And silence engulfing the real world!
She’s curious but confused,
She’s fierce but fragile,
She has well wishers,
But not good listeners!
She fears to disclose her lows, and maturity inside her grows!
She fears from the judgmental society,
Behind her confident voice lies the shivering feet,
Behind the pretty face lies so many fears,
Behind the growth lies the grief!
She wasn’t like that before,
The people, moreover the time made her such,
She used to break the norms if it was her call!
She used to fight against the fate,
But in this run she lost the faith!
Still she stands upright and high,
Staring at the pale blue sky,
Behind this blithesome face so many things underlie!

.    .    .