Photo by cottonbro: pexels.

My feminism does not want reservation,
In crowded metros and education,
What she wants is equal opportunities
Along with deserving appreciation!

My feminism does not believe in “Every man is a dog”
She wants to live her dreams and not get locked!
My feminism doesn’t support using “female card”,
But to bleed 5 days every month is fucking hard!
She gets alert every time someone touches her body in the crowded place,
Coz when she is in a public place, her body becomes a public property!
Only she knows how arduous it is to live in a male driven patriarchy!
My feminism cries everytime she hears the news of a rape,
Every time some girl is body shamed
My feminism cries when an infant is murdered in the womb itself
Just because its twenty third chromosome wasn’t XY but XX.

.    .    .