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Cyber criminals will even commit fraud in the name of a key person in the police force. During the Corona curfew, the culprits would start a fake Facebook account with a photo of high-ranking police officers and send a text message from it. “The Indian government is giving you Rs 5 lakh to help you start a business during the Corona era. To avail the benefits of this scheme, pay a service charge of Rs. 49,000 to this bank account immediately. ” If you know the police chief, you will forward the text message to that officer and inquire if this is true. Once it is known that the information is fake, a complaint will be lodged with the Police Cyber Crime Unit and the fake account will be deleted immediately.

The cyber crime unit found out that this was the work of a gang in a village in Rajasthan. It was revealed that the gang had started fake Facebook accounts in the name of various top officials across the country and sent messages from them, robbing several people of Rs 49,000 each. The Rajasthan Police was informed and the criminal gang was arrested. The fraudulent gang started a fake Facebook account in the name of a senior journalist and sent a text message to all his friends. "A close friend of mine was involved in a road accident and is fighting for his life. Send Rs. 20,000 to this gpay number for emergency assistance. ” Upon learning of this, a well-wisher advised the journalist to "issue a warning notice about these messages from your fake Facebook account." As soon as he announced so, the scams in his name were stopped.

A young man who started a fake account on Facebook by posting photos of a famous actress has been spreading the word to women who want to join the cinema. He led the information out in the market like the actress herself was giving the information. The message said people had to send an advance to get the heroine or supporting actress or dance roles and had to contact her assistant for more details. That assistant is also him. The announcement became so popular that many people became victims of the fraudulent information. The fraudster was arrested after the actress lodged a complaint with the police.

Similarly, the Facebook page of a leading actress with 40 lakh followers was suddenly hacked by a gang. A message was sent to her saying, "You have been removed from the responsibility of managing this page." After that a lot of pornographic pictures were posted on that Facebook page. The page was disabled after the startled actress complained. A few days later that Facebook page was recovered from the hackers. If your social media account is hacked or a fake account is created, you should take a screenshot and report it immediately to the relevant social media company. If the nature of the damage is high, immediately report it to the police. It is illegal under Section 43 of the Information Technology Act to hack into a social media account or any other electronic form of account and to forge and defraud. Offenders face up to 3 years in prison or a fine of up to Rs 5 lakh or both.

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