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Most of us use our right hand for maximum purposes. Only a few will use their left hand for maximum purposes. People with left-handedness might be in our family circle or friends’ circle.

Generally, left-handed people are seen with slight apprehension. Likewise, most of the facilities, and products in this world are manufactured only for right-handed people. Hence, left-handed people face a lot of troubles in their life. Right from writing, driving the vehicles to open and locking doors at their house are against natural actions.

Left-handed people are mentioned as “Sinistrality”. The word is derived from the Latin word “Sinistra”. “Sinistra” means, in the left-hand side. They are generally perceived to be weak and impure. Every year on August 13 is celebrated as “World’s Left Handed Day”, so that the society shall know the troubles faced by left-handed persons in their daily life.

In our brain, there are three parts: Cerebrum, Cerebellum, and brainstem. The cerebrum is divided into two: right and left hemispheres. These two hemispheres control our physical actions. The right hemisphere controls the left side of our physical body, left hemisphere controls the right side of our physical body. Since the left hemisphere is dominant in most of us, we use our right hand to the maximum.


Some may try and change their child to right-handed if the child is found to be left-handed. When the child unknowingly uses the left hand to the maximum, they will be beaten, scolded, and teased. These actions will hinder the growth of children both physical and mental. It will also result in a change in their handwriting, their natural reaction, etc. Every one of us should realize, that being left-handed is normal.


Mahatma Gandhi, Napoleon Bonaparte, Julius Ceaser, Alexander the Great, Aristotle, Winston Churchill, Fidel Castro, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Harry Truman, Obama, Rafael Nadal, Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan, Abishek Bachchan, Mamooty, Nivin Pauly and the list goes on.


When you extend your left hand to receive holy food (prasadam) from the temple, and utensils, you will be scoffed at by elders. One will be seen with contempt if they are left-handed. Left-handed persons will feel awkward while shaking hands with their friends or colleagues. Moreover, left-handed people have great trouble finding things that suit them. Even if you find one, the price is high.

To conclude, people with a dominant left hand have a good memory. They will be more interested in music, painting, and creativity. When the children use their left hand dominantly instead of trying to change the habit, one should encourage the child. We should never try to change the child’s natural actions. Name-calling will affect them mentally. Let us just be normal around them. Left Handedness is not a deficiency nor a crime. It’s natural.

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