With the passage of time, it is very distressing that our community is changing for the worse. Gambling and card games are still popular among mothers today. The reason is that if the head of the family starts playing cards, his family will soon be annihilated.

There are many families who came to the street after losing all their houses, lands and valuable jewels saying that they will catch the money left in this game in the next game.

The funny thing is, the card game, which was previously secretly played under the banyan tree and sugarcane field, is now being played publicly online. We cannot easily pass up the suicides that are increasing day by day due to this online gambling as the scenes do not change even though the times change.

It is safe to say that with the advent of smart phones today online casino games are being imposed on the people. To that extent they are repeatedly advertised.

Advertising for online gambling is rampant as soon as you open the internet. The fact that the famous celebrities are also lining up to promote them shows that they have no social interest at all.

In 2003, the then Tamil Nadu government completely banned the sale of lottery tickets. Many mothers sighed with relief at the announcement. Many middle-class families survived the grip of poverty. In addition, numerous suicides were stopped. But it was shocking to learn recently that some gangs were selling lotteries illegally and that some innocent people were buying them, through the suicide of a small time businessman named Krishnan near by Erode recently.

Tobacco and alcohol can kill a person after some time. But gambling kills a man on the same day. They have the demonic power to destroy not only the individual but also his family. The social aspirations are that the government should crack down on online gambling and counterfeit lottery sales, which have enslaved countless people to gambling.

This aside, recently a video of a woman being ‘pranked’ by three men is doing rounds in social media. That is, they deliberately bully a woman for their income and fame.

They also talk obscenely when making such a fuss. The woman's reaction was also recorded on video. Then, in order to enhance the video, they mouthed the comedy verses from the movies.

Then these videos are posted on social media. The sad thing is that channels like this have millions of subscribers. There are thousands of people who enjoy videos like this.

The practice of suddenly ‘pranking’ the people who mind their own business has been on the rise recently. Girls who go to college are suddenly scared and chased away to record the prank video. What if one of those women had a weak heart and her blood flow stopped then who is responsible for their death?

It is a crime to videotape someone without their permission. In such case, frightening, mocking, and annoying someone without their permission are very admonishable acts. Not only that, but when the person involved reacts to this act, isn't it highly reprehensible to record it on video and make a profit?

The extreme cruelty of this is that those who see such outrageous acts on social media, instead of harshly condemning them, are showering praise on them. Whenever people watch such perversions and transgressions in the guise of entertainment, it is possible to feel the beast within every human being.

Fifteen years ago we even saw a group of kids on our streets playing some social games. Now crowded on the same streets, but everyone is immersed in online games with their cell phones individually.

These online games become kind of addictive for students. So soon they become addicted to those games.

Students who are accustomed to playing online like this, have a lot of opportunity to engage in online gambling on a daily basis. Adolescents who are obsessed with unpleasant things like ‘prank’ videos mentioned above on social websites are more likely to have the confidence to commit crimes against women.

The reality is that we are all in the grave position of not taking any proper action to address the issue, despite knowing that online gambling on social networking sites is taking today's youth in the wrong direction.

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