Great sportsmen may have occasional lapses in their abilities, but the standard of their play is always the same as the motto in sports.

The above saying, which was applicable to Indian chess grandmaster Viswanathan Anand until recently, is now applicable to cricketer Virat Kohli as well.

Not only due to deficiencies in personal ability but also due to ill health, injuries, etc., a sportsman or sportswoman's participation decrease and they are unable to win trophies and prizes due to this.

Recently our country's number one badminton player P.V. Sindhu has once again lost to Taiwan's Tai Tzu Ying. Saina Nehwal is struggling to make a comeback in Badminton as she struggles with recurring injuries.

Boxer Mary Kom is in doubt for this year's Commonwealth Games after she was seriously injured in a practice match.

But as far as our country is concerned, only cricket has star status and since the game has millions of fans, the achievements and failures of the major cricketers playing for our country get our full attention.

In this way, Virat Kohli, who has many international cricket records in his hands, is failing to touch the sophistry and is testing the patience of Indian cricket fans.

The batsmen have to collect more runs individually and play patiently and aggressively at the required time to bring victory to their team. Perhaps even more important is helping to avoid defeat, even if not winning, and holding their team to a 'draw' or 'tie'.

In particular, in multi-nation ODIs, even if they do not win the first round of twenty-over matches, achieving a tie will brighten their chances of qualifying for the final round.

Unfortunately, Virat Kohli's batting has not helped our team in any way in the last three years. At the same time, did not help in avoiding failure. On top of that, his personal achievements and ranking index have been falling rapidly.

Virat Kohli, who is currently in the Indian team playing in England, scored 11 and 20 runs respectively in the two innings of the fifth Test. He has scored 1 and 11 runs in the two T20 matches he has played.

These are very low scores for Virat Kohli's skill and quality. No one is going to complain if the back-order batsmen score runs like this. But, as a great player like Kohli continues to play modestly, his team also has to face various setbacks.

The management of the Indian team is reluctant to lose experienced players like Virat Kohli, so they have to refuse to give a chance to another young player in his place. Due to this, the chance of identifying a young player who can achieve like Virat Kohli or surpass him is also delayed.

In this case, if veteran player R. Ashwin cannot be included in the team due to not playing properly, Virat Kohli also cannot be included. "His place should be given to a young batsman," former cricketer Kapil Dev said.

To be honest, Kapil Dev has clearly expressed what most Indian cricket fans are thinking.

The reason why Virat Kohli could not play well due to the pressure of the team captaincy does not apply now. It is not right to be in the team for a long time without helping the success of our Indian team for the sole reason of being a senior player.

In the past, the senior players who did not play well were removed from the Indian team and the team management advised them to try again by playing in domestic tournaments like Ranji Trophy, Duleep Trophy, and polishing their skills.

It is best for our Virat Kohli to take some time off and try to get a place in the Indian team by participating in the domestic matches with full enthusiasm and sharpening his skills.

My dear Virat Kohli! For you who have just turned thirty-three, this is a slide, not a fall. Come back to the Indian team after training fully, Virat Kohli. 'You can do it' says the world of cricket fans.

Now, the decision lies in Virat Kohli's hands.

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