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About 8 crore couples in the world do not have children. In India, the same is true for 15% of young couples. Both husband and wife are responsible for the lack of child or children. But, in practice people mistakenly carry out numerous experiments on their wives. This is witnessed by women who are heartbroken and waiting in artificial insemination centers.

I know a family is divided in this regard, when a woman found out she was ok, she called her husband to the doctor and his family said, “The boy is OK. No one in our family has this disorder.” And those particular women were subjected to untold misery.

In case of childlessness, men fear that this society will make fun of them. They are reluctant to admit their grievance. Next, they confuse impotence and infertility. Impotence is the state of not being able to fully engage in the home. Infertility affects the sperm.

Men with infertility can be fully engaged in the home. But, they cannot give birth. Unaware of this difference, he said, “I don’t have any health issues. Test yourself first.” Male ego plays a dominant role and they refuse to go with their wives for medical examinations. When are they going to realize that this is the biggest injustice done to women?

Effects of modern life:

Obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, cancer. The next 'gift' of modern life is infertility. If the cause is known and treated 90% of it can be cured. But, because they are ashamed to speak, the problem is magnified when they seek fake doctors

20 years ago, research in this field warned us that' sperm count for men is declining at a staggering rate'. Then the research said, 20% of male infertility is the reason for childlessness. Now, infertility has increased up to 50%. What is the reason?

Fast Foods:

The color, smell, and taste of the fast food that today's younger generation loves to eat are all chemically poisoned. Even the milk we drink has been injected with hormones. Thus, all chemical-fed foods are sperm-destroying monsters. But they are not mature enough to understand it. In addition, the growth of sperm requires nutrients, including zinc, copper, selenium, and folic acid. These are less common in fast foods; Only fat and oil will float. These will multiply the obesity; the Obese body breaks down sex hormones and buries the sperm.

Dangerous work pressure:

After the invasion of the country by multinational corporations, young people need restless work. Office stress is worrying. It is a well-known fact that these stresses can cause a variety of problems, from high blood pressure to problems in home relationships. But many are unaware that the same pressures can destroy sperm in men. If the sperm production cells are testes, then their raw materials are hormones that function properly. Depression is just like any other illness which just needs full support from the family. That's what keeps them from becoming 'dads'.

Do not tie the Laptop to the lap:

The reproductive organ of men should not be overheated. For example, wearing tight underwear/jeans can increase the temperature in the scrotum and destroy the sperm. That’s why we say to wear loose underwear. In the current lifestyle, it has become customary for many young people to carry a laptop on their lap beyond midnight. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Thus, the heat has accumulated for many young people; Sperm yield is reduced. As a result, 'Do not tie the laptop to the lap!' The new slogan is born.

Nowadays, not only during the day but also at night, the cell phone screen glows. That radiation is the enemy of sperm. In addition, vehicle smoke, dioxins, and pesticides are released into the air when they burn mix with our breath enter the body, disrupt 'Sertoli' cells, and inhibit sperm production. Childhood measles, juvenile diabetes, testicular insufficiency, varicocele, vaginal obstruction, prostate problem, smoking, alcohol, drug addiction, genetics, genetic therapy, radiation therapy, etc.

In spite of so many adversaries, modern medicine has begun to repair the seminal vesicles, and it is comforting to receive a variety of treatments, such as sperm donation and artificial insemination. Importantly, the right approach to quality sperm production is to increase the intake of whole grains and protein foods, exercise, maintain a height-appropriate body weight, avoid stress, and focus on a lifestyle of adequate rest and good sleep, avoiding triple attacks of smoking, alcohol, and drugs. Men in need of medicine, without resorting to fake doctors who teach in the media, can approach infertility and shoulder the burden of infertility if they approach doctors who are virtuous and experienced.

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