Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski from Pixabay 

High in the night sky, there used to shine a star.

It is Bright and Luminous. Also envious of the fact that it is the closest to the moon. Its world is Full of merry and joy. Other stars are jealous of its place and it certainly enjoyed being special. They call it Manny.

One night, one of the jealous stars, came to Manny. It said, rudely, that Manny isn’t the only star That is closer To the moon, in fact, there are thousands of moons and also Thousands of stars nearer to those moons.

Manny is shattered. 

It never thought that there could Be many moons. All of the sudden, it felt insecure. The place which it's being proud of is no more special. It hated itself for believing it to be something it is not.

It felt as if it has no purpose.

So many nights have gone past and Manny is now clueless of its existence. One such night while it was Hovering over the sky, it heard someone speaking. It’s the humans down there on the earth. 

Manny isn’t Really interested in what they are speaking but it couldn’t resist The urge when it knew that they were speaking about Manny itself. “This is such a glorious star," said one of them. “ Yes I just love it" said the other. 

One girl said that she wish she could get Manny as her friend. Yet another said It would be fun to play with Manny. Up in the sky, Manny just couldn’t resist its tears. It’s being praised, it's being loved, Manny is experiencing this after a long time.

With an adorable smile, Manny spoke to the humans.

M: Are you guys talking about me?

Humans: ( Amused) Yes.

M: Why do you like me?

H: You are a shining star, that’s enough for you to be loved.

H: Will you just come to us? We want you to be with us forever.

It is all a new experience for Manny. It never spoke to the humans before.

Also after a long time, It's being treated specially. It felt exciting.

Without a thought,  It jumped to earth. There on the earth, Manny played and enjoyed all night with the humans. They’ve showered Manny with praises and love. It received warm hugs and A few kisses. Manny had the night of their life. I shall never go back to the sky, It said to itself. It fell in love with humans and the earth. Humans were tired, they fell asleep. Manny sat on a rock, enjoyed the dawn, and welcomed the sun.

Excited that the humans would be awake, Manny ran back to their home. Aren’t you gone yet? Asked one of them. Puzzled with the question, Manny said, I have come to stay with you, to entertain you with my light and shine. One of the humans laughed and said, Look at yourself you aren’t shining anymore. Surprised, Manny checked himself and found everything fine And then It realized that stars don’t shine in the morning on earth.

Humans have left to their works leaving Manny alone. I tried to speak to them But They are too busy to speak to Manny. All the words they spoke of it seemed To be a lie to Manny. They love it only when they find it shining, It realized. Depressed Manny Spoke to itself as such; "What a mistake I have made, I am a star and I have come to the earth just because These humans have flattered me with their words. They are selfish, They love anything".

Only until the thing seems appealing to them. Once it's not, they throw it behind and chase another, but wait, It was such too. I was fond of myself just because of my position in the sky And when I’ve come to know that there are thousands of such stars, I've lost myself.

But isn’t it a fact that I’m a star and I shine irrespective of the place and position I am in?

Isn’t the sky, which is my home? Isn’t it there, I serve my purpose?”

Thinking such, Manny tried to fly back to the sky. But it was unable to do So.

Seeing this from the sky the moon spoke,

"It takes ages to climb, but a moment to fall"

.    .    .