Image by Amber Clay from Pixabay 

Oh..! It’s too shining on my eyes. Then I realized that its morning rays falling on my eyes. We don’t have any shelter. We sleep anywhere. We sleep sometimes on footpath or at any temple. Our places always changes.

“My daily schedule is to wake up in morning and we wander in city to find food. As usual, me and my baby leave in searching food. The main aim of our life is to fulfill our hunger. We reached at ‘dal-chawal’ stall. We were hoping that we will get at least stale food or wasted food. There were some plates with leftover food. If I collect all that left over food then at least my baby’s hunger will be fulfilled. With that hope we got closer to those plates. At that moment the owner’s eyes were on us. I thought he didn’t like of our presence and he was thinking that we are unlucky for him. That’s why the owner got angry. He threw dirty water on us. We ran away from there.

Again we are wondering on road. It’s getting afternoon and we are still with an empty stomach. We were thirsty. We needed water. After seeing my baby, I knew that he was thirsty. Due to the rain, water was collected in the pits of the road. With the same water, we filled our thirst. Even though it was dirty water, our thirst was satisfied.

“We were very tired. We both went into a garden for taking a rest. My baby was sleeping beside me. The atmosphere was so nice that I slept there. And suddenly my legs ache in a loud voice. I and my baby woke up in a panic. The security guard of the garden was hitting my legs with a stick. I was screaming. Because I was in pain. My baby was scared to see me screaming. And we left that place.

After walking some distance, there was a smell of food. May be there should be a hotel. We went there hoping for a meal. Someone will give us something to eat. Some people were annoyed to see us. That’s why we stood far from hotel. It was evening. On that moment a waiter came out from hotel with large trash bag. We followed him and saw that he threw a trash bag. We went there and saw that the trash bag contains a lot of food. The food was getting worse. But for us, it was nothing less than nectar. After all we are dogs. First I would feed my baby a meal and then I would eat. After a long time today, we ate a full meal. After a long time, my baby was very happy. He started to have fun. As if energy had come through him.

It was night. We were finding place for sleep. Now you say why dogs have to find place for sleeping. They were sleeping somewhere else on the road. But it’s not that easy. If we sat somewhere. People will throw stones on us. And we have to leave that place. Either people or dogs from that area forcing us to leave that place. Dogs of that area were continuously barking on us.

We were crossing the road. Some boys were playing in mobile across the street. They were shouting at each other. We can hear their loud voice. First I saw on the both side of the road because my babies’ safety is most important for me. There was no traffic on the road, so we both were crossing the road. My baby was following me. And he was still barking on other dogs. Suddenly, his barking voice stopped and he started screaming. When I looked back in horror, my baby’s face was covered with blood. He was screaming with pain. He had an accident with bike. The biker went ahead and fell down. I thought he had drunk. Many people rushed to pick him up. There were dogs barking at us they stopped and barking at people for help, some of boys saw the people helping man and got involved in mobile again. Those boys were shouting so loudly in the mobile that my baby’s screaming and my barking and painful screaming couldn’t hear them. Otherwise they were ignoring us. One of the boy noticed that I was approaching them and begged for help and he brought water and he put it in my baby’s mouth. At that moment the ambulance arrived for that drunken man but without looking at my baby they left. Every people were looking at us but no one came ahead to help us. They were just shooting video of my baby’s screaming and my crying. Finally the moment of separation came. My baby stopped screaming. And finally he was dead. Only a mother can know the pain of losing a baby. Only she can understand my pain. My baby was lying quietly in the loud noise of mob. But that was seeming that loud voice of mob was completely quite. My pain was not going to be realized by these people. So I grabbed my baby in the mouth and left. And I took my baby in one place. I started to see my baby alone, hoping that it would reopen. But not. I could see the smiley face of my baby. Before some time he was very happy. And I started to cry a lot.

After some time, some people came and started shouted “kill that ominous dog.” And they started throwing stones at me and beaten with stick. I also suffered a lot of blood loss. So while I was still crying, they still beat me a lot. They hit me so much that no sound was coming out of my mouth anymore. The bleeding was high and I died there.

But I want to thank all of you people humanity, you guys didn’t save my baby, but you killed me and sent me to my baby. I will never forget this humanity. Thank you so much…! 

.    .    .