Image by EGI RAMDANI from Pixabay 

Arjun, a frustrated man, has lost his both parents recently and is still struggling to make a mark in his field of filmmaking for a long time. Arjun is angry with humanity, he has made himself so negative that he is unable to find who is ?... (back story)

One day Arjun was sleeping in the house where his parents and he used to live when he was small. He wants to sell the house and wants to go away from everything as he thinks this whole place and the world are negative and hopeless. Suddenly his phone rings (Name pop up as Mukesh client). He gets up and picks up the call. Mukesh informed him that he will come today to see the house to make a final deal. Arjun gets up from bed and goes for his daily routines. when he was washing utensils, an unknown person knocks on the door. Arjun opens the door to welcome Mukesh but sees his neighbour standing with a smile and an "EMPTY BOWL ASKING FOR SOME MILK"

Arjun hates socialising now so he picks up the milk in front(which the milkman brought and put on bag out of his room) of his house and rudely closes the door on the neighbour's face. After two min the doorbell rings again and Arjun gets frustrated and angrily opens the door.

Arjun sees a transgender (hijra), he was Mukesh, but Arjun was unable to recognise. In anger and ego, Arjun judges him and starts abusing him and asks him to leave him alone, and shuts the door again. Mukesh was humiliated again but to confirm the room number he calls the Room owner again. Arjun picks up the phone of Mukesh and opens the door to welcome the buyer and get shocked. Arjun welcomes Mukesh and says "SORRY" to judge and explain that anger reason to him. Mukesh says the vibe of the house is so negative because of your perceptions and big ego. Arjun was feeling sorry for his behaviour.

Mukesh- "DON’T BE SORRY" this society has always treated us like that. you are one of them so I will not ignore this beautiful house. Arjun MAKE A APOLOGY TO MUKESH. For Proof and what he does for a living Mukesh gives him the card of his production house to make him check his work which he owns. ARJUN was in shock and guilt and all his ego came out in form of tears.

Mukesh brings him water... I know Arjun you are struggling, I made a research on you. YOU ARE struggling BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT BEING YOURSELF. You have created a false negative side about yourself and this world, which is affecting your attempts and life. I think you need to start your life again and need some help. are you going to live in this flat? IF YES THEN PLSS CAN I HAVE A CUP OF COFFEE?.

ARJUN CANCELS HIS TICKET AND AND MAKE HIM A COFFEE. Mukesh shared a thought by saying -

"I ALSO USED TO SEE NEGATIVITY IN THIS WORLD WHICH WAS CREATED BY ME ONLY...THANK GOD I CAME TO KNOW THAT WHAT I AM And What I was Becoming"... Arjun cheers a cup of coffee it will be fun to see a change in me and Know who I am.

The Moral of the Story- 

It's not ok to be fake and rude. Who you actually are is the most important thing to find in this real but conceptual world. Therefore the difficulties, failures, these social barriers have been created by God to make you who you actually are. For example, Mukesh crossed all problems with respect, love and, by following his essence, and now he is successful.

Wonderful 4 lines at the end...

I Am the one who created the sides.
I am someone who loves someone.
I am someone who hates someone.
I Am who creates the story.
I Am a human being who is recognised by thoughts, humanity, work, and ideology.

.    .    .