Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

Is there death after life or life after death?

A question that was never answered or answered in a way that seemed it wasn't answered is in my opinion, "Is there Life after death or death after life?"

Human beings are destined to end their life span one day or the other; in short, they are born to die. Whatever may be the cause of the end, the process can be delayed, but not eradicated. You live your life and eventually die. So, in my opinion, there is death after life.

Just as every issue has a bipolar explanation, so has life its bipolar concept too. Philosophically saying, humans are born to rule, born to create new horizons, born to create new creations. They may not be kept in mind in their living days, but for their immortal works, their names are kept alive even after death. There is much historical evidence in this regard. Can't we say then, that there is life even after death?

It's not a matter of debate, but according to my opinion, a matter to be analyzed. If we move a bit deeper into it, the whole matter can incredibly give an alibi unacceptable to the ordinary mass.

For me, there is life even after death; will you believe if I say, the end of life just means the journey of the soul to a different realm leaving its old death. In my opinion, there can never be an end of life as it continues to live, to keep its existence continue forever and ever.

What is death then?

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