Image by Felix Merler from Pixabay 

I never believe in the existence of God with a name, but I do believe in the existence of a power that governs the entire universe and we being a tiny part of it.

In my opinion, how we can name the power if we haven't seen it? If someone had a meeting with God and challenged that He can be realized by surrendering to religion, is it justifiable?

In my opinion, religion is a tool for maintaining equilibrium in society. Great seekers are not precise believers as they always find their search touching new horizons in their every attempt.

Amidst all these attempts to seek a better concept of God, we the humans finally divided the social beliefs into different regions; I don't know from where it all started. On one side it was a good tool to balance peace and harmony but on the other hand, it too started a particular belief to indirectly establish its empire more broadly. Though it sounds bitter, in my opinion, it is going on because religion is designed by man, not by God.

It's a never-ending debate, an unsolvable riddle. In my opinion, it's better to seek the universal power to its extremes.

If you eventually fail in your search in the long run, which is certain to happen, you should start believing where you felt you ended and failed. In my opinion, your adamant search for God finally proves that HE exists, though you still believe in not sticking to religion in HIS search. But have you ever wondered, the entire journey to seek GOD is nothing, but religion itself, which you never believe it was!

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