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“Good governance with good intentions is the hallmark of our government. Implementation with integrity is our core passion.”
-Narendra Modi

The World Bank gave out a definition for good governance back in 1992 it states that good governance is a manner in which power is used to manage a country’s economic & social resources for development. So how to achieve this aim of good governance!

25th December is marked as Good Governance Day. It is celebrated as the birth anniversary of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The essence and motive behind this are to make everyone aware of the transparency and accountability of the current government. Indians should be aware of the accountability of government. Good governance is a way to evaluate how well the government can manage public affairs by its decisiveness. The government has to look at the greater good of society and take measures for the same.

We often aspire to have gender equality and equal representation of men and women in politics. But what exactly are we doing for it? Government should ensure that women are not at disadvantage. The legislation should be gender-neutral. On a regional and local level, people should be made conscious and aware to promote women, support them, and encourage them in politics.

The representation of women in the political field has to be made an issue of importance, and everyone should have awareness and information about it. Campaigns, workshops, training, and movements should start to increase awareness about the representation of women in the political field. The candidates who get elected be they men or women, should be trained and made aware of issues of gender equality. We need to have campaigns that focus on the importance of female political representation.

What we as a society lack is the recognition of the fact that women can rule over men, being a patriarchal society. The change must come at the grass-root level only then can we expect women to have their share of fame in the political arena.

The Portrayal of Men and Women in Society, and How It Affects our Political Choices!

Women leaders are not equally highlighted in media like men. The media doesn’t shed the same amount of light on both genders for good reasons. Somewhere along the line women are the only center of focus in media for all wrong reasons where they are mostly depicted as victims. Men on the other hand have been let loose in such cases.

Media plays a huge impact on society because it is a source of information between the women candidates in politics and the voters who are the citizens. Men and women should be equally presented in debates, should be equally represented by media, and given equal coverage. The contribution of women in the history of India should be brought to par and highlighted in the textbooks prescribed in the education system.

What women seek is not a privilege but what they have been deprived of for years. They are only asking for equal representation for equal cerebral opportunities!

“Gender equality is more than a goal in itself. It is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development, and building good governance.”
-Kofi Annan

Why Women’s Political Representation on a Superficial Level Only?

We all are aware of the fact that politics is male-dominated. Men are in lead. It’s often said commonly women are supposed to run their kitchens and their home, not the nation! Why so?

Women are given minimum seats and also those where they have no scope of winning. And even if they do win, like on a rural level. Women candidates are given reservations to fight for the pradhan elections in India. Their husbands take over that and give themselves the title of pradhan pati, sarpanch pati, etc.

So in conclusion even if women do get the representation it’s under the dominance and shade of men only. Political parties should think about the ongoing discrimination, certain biases in the selection of candidates, and internal operations amongst themselves.

“It is impossible to think about the welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved. a bird can't fly on only one wing”.
 - Swami Vivekananda

How the nation is doing is determined by how the women in the nation are doing? To study the condition of a nation, the state of women has to be studied. Women comprise half the population. The improper representation of women in politics and other sectors is unjust. For good governance empowerment of women is a must. Change should come on a grass root level till up. We as people need to view every citizen with equality; we need to be conscious that we are not coming in way of women's empowerment.

Thus, good governance is not just established merely by the efforts of the government. Every citizen has to align their interests for the greater good of society. To have good governance change in existing practice is required. The imbalance in power structure needs reforms. We need effective and fair administration. We need gender equality and fair representation of women in politics and other sectors. The government should make sure that its actions are policy-driven & the citizens should be well aware and informed of what is going on around them. 

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