Image by Fathromi Ramdlon from Pixabay 

Inspiration is just what it takes to become an artist, it’s when you know how a momentarily enthusiastic thought can drive your attention from a small cloud in the sky to the smallest rock on the busy road.

It was just the smallest part of mine, spontaneously grabbing pieces of paper & a gripping pen. My fingers crave for this feeling, this synchronization of my mind, spirit, and hands inscribing beautiful art pieces one after the other. The last one which was years back from now, as the heart of a writer thrives with penning down her beautiful visionary stories, the one which is made but perceived as mesmerizing strings of a violin.

It all started when an author to be, introduced as a writer to someone very new & unknown.

“She is Akanksha, a beautiful writer,” said Suhana.

Words that straighten out my heart, it's every time I listen to this beautiful set of words that makes me surprisingly feel very deep. This was something that a writer wants herself to be introduced as. This was something that I aspire to get whenever I am introduced to someone.

There somewhere my dream catcher waved itself in a silent room. Being A woman who maintains her charm by being herself at every moment passing by gets herself perceived wrong, a single word from her mouth, explaining how versatile she is being into 9 to 6 jobs working and researching about so many things, yet subtle with her people skills, being all philosophical around the table & having a bundle of lost and withered dreams still being silent and deep as an ocean.

She was lost in a little world filled with noises and silence all at a time her hair strands were lifting and perching on her face, and she was smiling like being very conscious about each step of hers, still natural. It was grabbing so many eyes onto her silent persona, rising and emitting positivity all around the place.

Someone among the crowd caught her attention but his eyes were lost and so was his attention. she thought of passing out by the moment jumping back to not so magical world the conversation was interrupted by wicked hours of empty thoughts which were just left at the place they first caught each other’s eyes.

Another day filled with thoughts and information passed by the only way she was attached to herself was peace of her mind. She was very tough to get disturbed by teeny tiny things passing by her. Day-to-day worries were used to business where her day ends with a snuggling pillow and her comfortable bedside.

The most mesmerizing thing about her was the quietness of her face, in this rushing world I wish I could just touch her ocean-like eyes for just one more time maybe for once – Anonymously she was stuck in someone’s mind. It was his mind that was secretly attracted to her. He was the same guy to whom she was introduced. He can hear her voice heart-soaking voice of hers the significance of her eyes the attention was not just so enough with rushing information and his mind was subconsciously have had an impact on someone he barely had an acquaintance with.

One more day passed by and the infatuation was just not at the right place maybe one more meeting was awaited their minds were not at the same pace until the night came when they were in front of each other yet their eyes weren't matching since there was a crowd all around it was hard for him to keep his mind into just one place there is so much to process but the satisfaction was missing, she was missing when all he was expecting that day was the sight of hers.

His wandering eyes got the attention of someone with a bright red sparkling dupatta over a beige suit. Satisfaction ran onto his face quietly noticing her from back she was there in front of him, his eyes were just stuck, and mind was quiet again. This was what he was searching for. It felt subconsciously like the surge for his peace ends on that one strand of hair on her left cheek it was some kind of magnetic energy attracting him to sit by her side. Being courageous to approach her hasn't been his thing until she called him to say Hi! Waving her hand in the air, it was him the wave addressed to. The moment was magical, and he didn’t want to lose what he was waiting for. Quickly grabbed a chair near her being alone to sit by her side in an open garden filled with so many people it still felt like an empty room to him.

They had endless talks about unknown people about unknown subjects, yet it was so much meaning for him, it was the night, it was the moment he waited to come, and it was their way to quietness in the rush. But it wasn't going to last forever interrupted by one more of someone equally likely to have his attention the moment last just for micro minutes, yet it was enough to be remembered

It's going to be her story known by her to be someday subconsciously struck with happy momentary days enough to feel what she had to take from those moments

It wasn't over for both, but the night was. The next step was to get her contact details yet to know her more she was his lost peace and he struggled to find her whereabouts a phone call text or Instagram everything was just as fast as the Internet speed he wanted no delay enough for her to realize something…. 

.    .    .