Source: dmytro_R from Pixabay

I’ve been in a slump for the past few weeks. I don’t understand the need to do anything anymore. Perhaps, this piece of writing is a call for help. Or rather, it may be my liberation.

I’ve been wondering what the purpose of life may be. As I wither away in search of the answer, the world passes along like nothing’s wrong. People appear and disappear off the face of the earth and yet, the world doesn’t stop to take a breath, it constantly runs.

What is it chasing anyway?
What is the fuel that keeps it going?
Is it the food on somebody’s plate?

I always thought my goal was fame and fortune and of course, I still want that. But the want to thrive has disappeared. In other words, I’ve been bored.

Every interaction makes me exhausted; nothing truly makes me happy anymore.

But the world won’t stop for me or you.

It feels as though everyone is frantically running around looking for the fire exit while I stay put in a burning building. An endless floor. No where to evacuate.

Nothing feels real anymore.

Slowly disassociating from this world, I look at the words on the computer screen of this 20-year-old. When did I get so complicated? This wasn’t the plan.

There is no pleasant way to end this. But my train of thoughts stop here. And maybe you were looking for an answer, but I have none.

And for that,

I apologize. 

.     .     .