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Once Confucius said women are just like the root of the tree. If it is realized and vital but still made silent. The presence of such women makes the husband's sweet experiences sweeter and bitter experiences less bitter at the same time can manage the family very smoothly by playing different roles at different times. In most of the family, she is the home minister, finance minister as well as producer, consumer, and survivor. Women have very strong mental power to grasp the hurdles. She has the capacity of tolerance, love, and hard work. but still, she has been subjected to domestic violence, torched, raped, exploited, scold, and insulted somewhere or other. though it is very much injustice also they knowingly remain silent due to some factors and in some cases, it is found that most of them are doing suicide. For this type of violence, law should be framed in such a manner that those who are having such a mentality will have fear committing such violence the cruelty against the women. Internationally domestic violence is defined as violence by men against a female partner or ex-partner, but it doesn’t mean violence by men against the female partner, but usually, all family members go against women, so, women are also biased by the male members of the family or male are biased by female members of the family. So, it is also called family violence. It includes physical assault, sexual abuse, and financial exploitation. Social degradation, emotional torture, psychological abuse. Not only do the women suffer, but also sometimes, the victim of the family violence experience a broad range of losses like depression, physical injury, anxiety, low self-esteem, and a range suppression. Violence patents blood, gore, broken blood, and even death. Violence is of different types. It is not only meant for physical assault but also psychological abuse and exploitation against women like brain drain, brainwash, financial and psychological touched, etc. are coming under family violence. Every human being, as a citizen of either sex, have the right to live with all freedom at home. So, more excess restrictions interference in his or her family members is not desirable, and also this type of activity should be penalized when a complaint has been lodged or come to the knowledge of parental family or court or by any voluntary organization. Once a woman suffered from psychological abuse like harsh words, discouraging phrases, anger, expletives, and constant criticism and without protesting or declaring it in public, she remained silent, then the abusers use this type of violence as shown. Susan Stewart, an American gender expert points out, that it is like a sickness like alcoholism where “The abusers never change their attitude unless they are wanted”. So, many factors affect the consequential situation, sometimes, the abusers or the members of the family who create violence against women can change their mentality and change their behavior, if they realize it. Sometimes women suffer, or the victim stays in that environment and continues the abusive relationship out of fear. According to Caught “The main reason is financial restraint, especially for women, and fear of losing the children. Sometimes, people think that love will conquer all but this is a mistaken belief of people so, a clean break is the need of the hour. The victim should not remain silent, but she should discuss the matter with the parental family or in a friend circle or with close relatives so that they can help in this matter. In Indian society, women have been given the highest place. both men and women can jointly make a family in society. both are having equal rights and privileges in society. both take part in the production process. but in the male-dominated society women are discriminated against, and prohibited to enjoy the right to freedom. All members of society indeed need protection, but it is also found that 20% of married women experience domestic violence irrespective of age from 15 to 49. Most of them continuously suffered. From a mother’s womb, a girl child has been ignored and also destroyed for some time. Even they lost their right to be born. Because of our traditional social system, women have been arbitrarily prohibited to enjoy their rights. due to lack of proper education, poverty, and traditional social system and in cases of modern and rich due to extravagance expense, ultra-modern materialistic family life also women facing a lot of trouble and they are subjected to domestic violence. Domestic violence is meant not only beating, and burning but also it meant to mental touched, rough behaviors, any gesture or posture that hurt women. In most cases, women suffered due to the dowry system which cause death. Though, according to law both giving and taking dowry is illegal than also, all over our country this system is going on. Even many people are there who are unable to get their food daily. And also, people are living in poverty and most people come from middle-income groups. Law is made only for rich people. They can get justice by spending a heavy amount of money. But poor people just spent money for their satisfaction and without any positive results. 

But now a day to help the women's commission are there in the state and center. Some NGOs are there to work for women. And in some place helpline are there to help and educate the women to protect them from this type of violence. Domestic violence occurs due to several reasons.

1. Adversity

2. Traditional social system

3. Joint family system

4. Sex

5. Family family disputes

6. Male dominancy

In society, both men and women are managing a family. Previously males are regarded as breadwinner and females managed the home affairs. But now a day women participate in all activities and also show their talent in every aspect. Women should give much importance, love, and care. so that she is involved in preparing the budget for family and also in decision making. But it is found that in some cases some good deeds of women can hurt male chauvinism and because of the male ego. Women are subject to domestic violence, torture and cruelty. In India, every six hours as young married women are burnt alone, beaten to death, or committed suicide. As both men and women are part of the social system and both are having equal importance in society or family. Both are having equal importance in society or family. both are needed for reproduction and why women are subjected to domestic violence. The reasons are :

1 traditional family background

2 lack of women’s education

3 lack awareness of their right and privileges

4 no such law to protect women from such type of violence

5 due to women’s simplicity, innocence, ignorance &faith

indeed, ignorance cannot be excused by law. it means everyone should know the law. I think the law should be taught in schools/colleges as a compulsory subject. So that all have a common idea and accordingly they manage and adjust themselves in the Laws house, in male-dominated societies and protest if any violence occurred in a family like ill-treatment, any type of torture, exploitation, violence. The Dowry system should be abolished. Instead of dowry property in the shape of cash or kind should be inherited if parents keep it for their children otherwise after completion of education, like the son the daughter should be trained to stand on their leg. So that to some extent women would be protected from domestic violence. In the name of women's empowerment, both private and public sector organizations involve themselves that women can the program does not touch the roots people celebrate international women’s day every year to create confidence In our society males are given much importance whereas females are neglected. Parents give much importance to their son and provided better education and facilities in comparison to a daughter. Because the thought of the common man is that in the future the son will shoulder the family burden and in-laws house also the daughter in law first proved herself by winning all and also by satisfying the needs of all family members and then recognized by the family to prevent from domestic violence women should properly guide and educated. They should be aware of their right and privileges and encouraged to be financially independent and take decisions independently. A woman indeed makes a home but when she suffers from family violence, she can very easily destroy it also, so women should not be neglected, given degrading treatment, or disrespected anywhere, anyhow, or anytime. Where this type of event occurs, a clean break from the environment is needed, instead of facing the death situation, they should escape, and should learn to do so, from the environment. If laws made for women should be generalized and compulsorily known to all and women are aware of their rights, and privileges, and accordingly, they can adjust their laws house and make them strong mentally, physically, and psychologically. So, the counseling centers guided by women should be set up to help the needy women should be established in each district and gram panchayats so that the people or the family involved in this type of criminal activity have fear to do, such type of injustice against their daughter or daughter-in-law.

At the center, a committee comprising 500 qualified women should be appointed from all over the country should be made by giving handsome salary give a clean report to the court of law, which is a great support to the victim. A committee comprising of 100 qualified women should be set up at the state level to support victims and help to get them justice.

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