Image by dlonrax from Pixabay 

Belief is the elixir of dreams,
In the shadow of looms,
Bathing in faith is embracing ethereal serenity,
Leading you with inscrutable intuition,
Beyond the worldly illusion,
The cosmic reality that we see.

Across the sands of the dee,
My freedom was like a cold-pressed coffee.
The sour beans of gloom laid their icy hands over my ebullience,
It is pronounced to remain hungry while searching for a home,
The quest for life was submissive under the loneliness of gloam.

It is the complexity of the human soul,
That keeps you hungry for more.
And when you are about to give in,
Rays of sun-like an omnipresent guardian angel,
Plants the seed of hope in you within,
Time, the rite of passage of light,
At that moment,
Like an epiphany struck me.

I was the leash that was holding me from being free.
Being too attached to the elusive aroma of comfort,
Expectations of my dreams turning true,
Was like writing postcards to the dead
And breathing in love that forever read.

Caskets of desires need to be filled,
With pennies of belief and hard work.
And when you do that,
The magic of the universe works.
The sudden movement of objects of life is labeled change.

Change your actions to alter your verity.
Dreams brew in hopeful hearts,
Ones that believe magic exists,
Are the ones that taste life’s serendipity.

When life throws a bunch of lemons your way,
These moments will become memories,
Which will forever stay
With you.

Life is a quest,
A quest of queries, a quest of clues,
A journey of the stars and a journey of bleeding blue.
Bleeding blue in the color of ink,
Writing our lives into the dreams we sink into.

Sometimes we wish to hide,
To be lost in a land where we hear no familiar sound,
But all we want is to be found.
To be found in a way we were never strayed,
To be loved in a way we are never betrayed.

.     .     .