Image by Duncan Dao from Pixabay 

L'AMORE TROVA UN MODO - Love finds a way!
Love! The amorous bird of prey,
Sets its fangs deeper in the fleeting sands of the day.
Transfixed by the whims and fantasies of the grandeur,
His deceiving eyes set your soul in a trance,
And heavenly cupid finally strikes its dart,
As the hearts choose the song of yonder to dance.

Ahh! The foundational conspiracy that binds the universe together. The one that waits for not time, not a tide, the one that does not to any rule abide. The force that can move mountains, that can upturn peace into war and war into peace. Love makes us swim through the ocean of pain to catch a glimpse of our beloved.

Love can no better be manifested visually than in Romantic Comedies. Romcoms capture the very essence of love, the soft gestures and moments of belongingness that hold our existence together.

Alas, I wish Life was as sweet as a movie, as petite as its storyline. On the contrary, life is a roller-coaster ride, a never-ending journey of merry and melancholy, smiles and tears, joys and fears.

And in reality, love is not sweet gestures or candlelight dinners. It is embracing the scars of each other just as you accept their victories. It is loving them past the facades that they adorn in front of the world.

It is not just kisses or dates, love is about holding them tight in their worst and assuring them no matter what you are not leaving their side.

Maybe life is no rom-com,
But I still believe,
In a world full of forgery,
Where life forges to be in colors of grey,
In silent footsteps, it creeps in.
A Poem of disobedience, a sonnet you may say,
But love always finds a way.

.     .     .